It’ll only really be people without siblings surprised by this news.

Revolving around one of the most critical sibling power-struggles, it has been reported that a brother and sister have been arrested after fighting over who got to be ‘shotgun’.

Although my sister and I’s fight of choice always seemed to revolve around the car’s music station, I can respect the issue in question.


Bret and Brianna chose to follow the route most siblings take, and fight over something trivial to a completely extreme degree.

The pair are facing charges of simple assault and resisting arrest after the incident, which occurred in Olyphant, Pennsylvania last week.

Police say the fight began after Bret, 27, picked 20-year-old Brianna up from work. After noticing her brother’s girlfriend was in the front seat, the younger sibling became enraged.


The fight escalated very quickly from a verbal fight, to a physical altercation.

Several nearby workers setting up the town’s Christmas tree noticed the scrap. Clearly driven by a festive spirit, they rushed in to intervene.

[The workers] called me and said ‘there’s a girl, they’re keeping the hostage in the car and she’s yelling for help. There’s an altercation going on in the car,’ and they kept eyes on the car for me.”, local Olypant Police Chief James Devoe reported.

After this initial fight, Bret sped off embarking on a half-mile police chase. Devoe continued in his statement in a interview with regional news outlet WNEP:

Traffic was packed, they were driving like animals.

“Stuff you could have flipped a coin over, and now we have people who could have gotten killed”. 


Sounds like an only child.

The police finally caught the speeding vehicle when they became stuck in traffic in a neighbouring town.

They had the girl’s head out the window. She was hanging out the car”, the chief added.

Despite initially cooperating, Bret soon became aggressive once Devoe had disarmed.

I got him calmed down for a second and told him ‘get up against the car’, but as soon as he saw me put my weapon down, he attacked me again, so I picked him up and threw him into the grass”.

After this, Brianna came to her brothers aid. Which just proves that, despite always fighting, you can trust your sibling to defend you, no matter the circumstance. Although this is probably not the best stance to take against, uh, the police force, but the sentiment is nice.

Attempting to depose the officer, Brianna launched her attack on the man. She was quickly detained after back-up arrived on the scene. 

I detained him, I was trying to get my handcuffs on him when the other girl came over and she started attacking me. I had one cuff on him and by this time, I was yelling for backup.”


The girlfriend, however, was not arrested.

Choosing to remain unnamed in her position as a victim, the woman has since filed a restraining order against both the siblings, and a number of the extended family members.

Outside the Olypant Police headquarters, both of the accused were approached by WNEP. However, they refused to comment on the event, or report on who won the front seat after all.

If you get on well with your siblings, you might instead relate more to the heart-warming story of Steve Irwin’s son being ‘Honoured’ to walk his sister down the aisle.

But if this isn’t quite the case, just be sure to avoid any long car journeys with them this Christmas.

I know that’s what i’ll be doing.