Sims 5 is on the way, confirm EA, which is great news if you can’t wait to make a house and then be asked to pay real money to fit a roof on it.

Little EA joke there for my gamer readers. Keep on truckin’ fellas. Have a shower.

Anyway, as I was saying; EA are working on a new addition to the Sims franchise, and since it’s been a full six years since the last addition, this could well mean Sims 5 is on the way.


sims 5

The thing is, after playing around with making a few houses, killing a few Sims in house fires and having being haunted by the ghosts of said Sims’ ghosts, there’s only so much WooHoo one can have before the games get boring.


So what can be added to Sims to give it a bit more punch? Well apparently, multiplayer functionality could be brought the the world of Sims.

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EA CEO Andrew Wilson announced:

As Maxis continues to think about The Sims for a new generation – cross-platforms and a cloud of a neighborhood world, you should imagine while we will always stay true to our inspiration, escape, creation, self-improvement, motivations – that this notion of social interactions and competition like the kind of things that were actually present in The Sims Online many many years ago – that they will start to become a part of The Sims experience in the years to come.

We are very excited. This is a game that really doesn’t have any competition in its category for delivering and fulfilling these motivations for players and we think of the tremendous growth opportunities for us for many, many years to come.

sims 5 multiplayer

EA should link Sims with games like Fifa and Battlefield so your Sim could become a profession footballer or go to war, and then you just play those games when it’s time for work.

People would stop living their real lives and just be on Sims. It would be like that horrible film about everyone living on VR.

Dear god that was appalling.

Images via EA