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Singaporean Beggar Amazes Michele Gumabao With Cashless Option - Beggars Go Digital


The digital age has revolutionized the way we carry out transactions. The use of e-wallets has made it easier and faster to exchange money. During her recent trip to Singapore, volleyball player and beauty queen Michele Gumabao discovered that even beggars are going digital. A Singaporean beggar amazes Michele Gumabao with cashless option.

Singapore Beggar Stuns Cashless Michele Gumabao with Barcode Option

On April 5, Michele encountered a local beggar and, like many people nowadays, she didn't have any cash on hand. However, the beggar gave her an option she didn't expect: to go digital.

"There was a beggar here in SG, and I said sorry, I have no cash. Then he showed me a barcode," Michelle tweeted with a fearful emoji.

Michele Gumabao's tweet on Singaporean beggar going cashless
Michele Gumabao's tweet on Singaporean beggar going cashless

Michele's tweet went viral, earning over 352,000 views and 3,641 likes. Some of her followers praised the beggar's innovative approach to begging, with one person saying, "Wow, that's impressive!" and "They are adapting to the times." Another user shared a similar experience in Shanghai where beggars wear QR codes to request donations through WeChat or Alipay.

A netizen who claimed to have been living in Singapore for 13 years confirmed that it's not uncommon for beggars to use barcodes and QR codes to request money.

They shared their experience, saying, "They will approach you in decent clothing and ask if you have some spare cash because they got lost and ran out of transport money or something. It happens but rarely. If you politely say no, then they won't insist. I've actually encountered it twice in 13 years."

While the netizen didn't know which mobile wallet service the beggar used for the barcode, they speculated that it could be a local e-wallet. They also noted that they haven't personally encountered anything like it.

Singapore isn't the only Asian country where beggars are going digital. In India, there are reports of beggars using QR codes to request donations. In China, it's also common to see beggars wearing QR codes or barcodes to request money through popular mobile wallet services such as WeChat and Alipay.

The use of e-wallets has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in Asia. The convenience of not having to carry cash and being able to make transactions quickly has made e-wallets a preferred method of payment. However, the use of e-wallets by beggars highlights the growing digital divide between those who have access to technology and those who don't.


In conclusion, Michele Gumabao's encounter with a cashless Singaporean beggar highlights the increasing use of e-wallets and mobile payment methods, even among the less fortunate. While some people may view this as an innovative approach to begging, it also highlights the digital divide and the need for more inclusive access to technology.

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