Sir David Attenborough has taken the time to reflect on his work and generation alongside his tireless environmental work.

When nature documentaries come to mind, many immediately think of Attenborough’s signature commentary. The broadcaster has had a career that has spanned over sixty years and repeatedly worked on programmes that raise awareness about the impact of global warming. Yet, Attenborough seems to side with the youth of today and their efforts to slow climate change over the big corporations and politicians.

The broadcaster spoke to Metro about his support for the current generation and their protests:

“I’ve had my go, the people who will live in the world that I’ve had a hand in creating are the young people and they don’t have a vote until they’re 18. So how do they make it clear to those in power that they have a view on these matters and what the view is? And so while they’re doing that, they have every right to do so.”

Attenborough went on to add his regret at the lack of action taken by his generation:


“I’ve had my chance and muffed it perhaps, my generation really has muffed it. But the younger generation is very, very passionate and concerned about the next 60, 70 years that’s facing them and how else are they to do it? And when you get government and big business palpably ignoring the demands of the natural world, how can you make that clear that you don’t approve?”

This statement is particularly poignant as Attenborough is addressing the issues that the world faces in his documentary Extinction: The Facts. The hour-long documentary has already been acclaimed by viewers and it is clear that it is making people consider the impact of global warming.

It will be interesting to see if the latest documentary from Attenborough can impact policies as it has people. Many, particularly the younger generations, will hope it will.

Extinction: The Facts is available through the BBC.

Images via Alamy / BBC