A Cable-Tied Christmas Present Is The New Pranking Craze

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Published 10.12.19

Cable-tied Christmas present? Just cruel.

Some people say that to get anywhere in life, you’ve got to put a little elbow grease in.

This seems to be underlying Kristy Bugden’s thinking, when she wrapped her brother’s present this Christmas. Using more cable ties and packaging then a box from Amazon Prime, Retail worker Kirsty decided that the only way to really pass on the Christmas cheer was to drive her brother literally insane. A truly astonishing cable-tied Christmas present.


“Oh, it’s just a few cable ties. What could be so bad about that?” I can hear the more pedantic readers of this article say.

Then feast your eyes on this:

cable tied christmas present


I don’t mean to be dramatic, but if someone handed that to me I would have a panic attack.

I’m all for annoying wrapping, maybe some glitter or tinsel for maximum damage, but this is just cruel.

No gift is worth getting through all that wrapping, not even the cocaine Santa Christmas jumper making it’s rounds online (that’s a lie, I really really want that jumper).

Covering absolutely every square inch of the gift with cable ties, the present looks like some sort of incendiary device. Refusing to pass on the opportunity to wind up her brother, Kirsty admitted she has often used the festive season as an opportunity to troll her sibling for ‘years’

Sharing her creation with the Facebook group ‘Christmas Mums‘, Kirsty revealed her sadistic present to the world. I simultaneously want to be part of this group, and also never want to be anywhere near this group ever.


Just finished wrapping my brother’s Xmas present…game on bro“, captioned Kirsty on the offending post.

Despite meaning that her brother would have to use more power tools to get into his pressie than it would take to break into Jeff Bezos’ mansion, the compliments came rolling in from Facebook users.


Omg I love it” ,  one fan commented.

She went on to threaten:  “Think I might do this to my eldest this year.”

A fellow sadist added: “ Even funnier if it’s an empty box inside.” 

A third replied: “ Omg I love this, I’m totally doing this now.

Should have gaffa taped it as well.”


Numerous commenters added their own experience with nightmarish Christmas gifts.

“Last year I gave my father-in-law a box of beer, but I wrapped all the cans individually. He thought it was funny for the first few cans, but then the novelty wore off for him but was hilarious for me!”

My husband did this for his brother, it was a chocolate bar inside. He was salty af”

Although this might start a physical fight in my house, at least it probably wouldn’t end in us being carted off to jail, like two siblings from Olyphant, Pennsylania last week.


After picking his sister up from work Bret, 27, got into a physical an verbal altercation with his sister over the front seat of the car.

When she noticed her brother’s girlfriend sitting ‘shotgun’, 20-year-old Brianna became enraged.

With fisticuffs and a half-mile high speed police chase, it was the perfect example of what it’s like to spend the festive season with your family.


Brianna even stepped in to fist fight the police when her brother was detained, displaying some real familial love just perfect for the Christmas season.

So if you really want to spend some quality time with your siblings this Christmas, you’ve got one of these fine examples to gain inspiration from.

Or failing that you could just get them a mug from a show they probably haven’t seen.

It is pretty much the go-to of any lazy sibling, especially one not looking to inflict too much psychological harm on their nearest and dearest.

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