Sisters Paid £13 An Hour To Decorate Christmas Trees

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Published 17.12.19

A pair of sisters earn $26 an hour to decorate Christmas trees in a business model that must only make them money once a year.

This year there is no Christmas tree in my family home. There is a wreath, but I’m sure anyone could really be doing with the hassle of fishing the decorations out of the cupboards behind un unholy amount of furniture to decorate a tree we’ll probably only appreciate for about 14 hours in total.


That 14 hours is accumulative across the whole period the tree is up and sure, I sound dangerously unchristmassy, but I’m going to go ahead and try and sound cool by blaming capitalism on my cynical approach to festivities, when it’s really laziness and nihilism. If I were to decorate Christmas trees though, I know one thing; don’t let Cliff Richard help.

Gifts on the tree, Richard? Pull the other one.


Two people you would want to help, on the other hand, are sisters Veronika Gentile, 30, and Giovanna Avati, 40. They’ll fix your tree up a treat, for a price…

The business started in Melbourne when Veronika’s Christmas tree started garnering attention from friends. She told The Daily Mail:

Four years ago I told my husband I wanted to deck out the house for Christmas.


I started getting a lot of attention from friends, they loved my ornaments, and one of them even asked if I would set up their tree for them.

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At first, Gentile and her sister were designing the trees purely out of good will, free of charge for punters, but eventually their workload meant that they had to start charging.

With that, the due began to charge $26 AUD (£13.40) an hour, with most trees taking two hours from start to finish.


For now, Gentile’s business is a small one, but she plans to expand it across the city using social media and the world wide web in general, so if you’re after her services, you can really only acquire them if you’re also in the Australian city.

If it’s just tips you’re after though, Gentile shared this little shred of advice:

It’s all about positioning. For my own tree I place my ornament, stand back and figure out if it works in that space. I do the same thing for other people.


Go with what you love. If you want to go out there with a bright orange tree with green ornaments, do it. You’re the one that will have to look at it every day.

We always take some string ribbon to help the ornaments sit nicely. When we put a star on a tree, we use a small wooden or metal bar to make it stay up on the top.”

Very nice.

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