Sleeping Next To A Snorer Is Bad For Your Health, Research Finds

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Published 28.02.20

Someone else’s snoring is bad for you apparently. Not great, is it?

Looks like I’m going to be saving money on anniversary presents as my girlfriend doesn’t have long left. I can only apologise, Em.

News that those who sleep next to others who are prone to heavy snoring are in danger of negative health impacts has struck the world, distracting us all from made up threats like Coronavirus and Climate Change.

This comes after research showed that snoring is “a source of noise pollution and sleep apnea predictor,” (that was its title anyway) following that up by saying it’s a “potential source of noise pollution in the bedroom that can degrade the quality of sleep in bed partners“.


Saying that snoring is a form of noise pollution is like saying cars are a form of transport. I know.

Building on that though, excessive noise while you’re sleeping is indeed unhealthy and there’s some fun numbers to prove it. The paper goes on to say:

Noise pollution in excess of 53 dB(A) [decibels] has been associated with adverse cardiovascular events in exposed populations.

man snoring

With their experimenting, they found that 14% of participants were snoring over 53 decibels, while 66% were over 45. That means nothing to me, but apparently 50 decibels is the level of your standard fridge.

The research goes on:

Current evidence suggests that accumulated nocturnal exposure to snoring can thus contribute to the development and/or progression of cardiovascular disease in both the snorer and bed partner.”

Cardiovascular disease is obviously a bad thing, as it raises blood pressure, which can lead to the likes of heart attacks and strokes but the effects aren’t exclusive to your heart. Your kidneys, brain, and eyes – among others – are also at risk.

The thing is, there isn’t an awful lot you can do if you snore. I snore – and I really should go to ENT about it because I can’t use my nose in general for anything – but other than trying to sleep on my side (which doesn’t actually do anything), there’s nothing I can do.

My sister’s dog is a big snorer. Is he also a bastard or is it just the humans? Just me?

I’d like to be a mindful sleeper. I really would. I’m just not one.

Once again, Em, I can only apologise.

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