Slowthai is in a heap of trouble, after he jumped off a stage to fight an audience member after they interrupted his speech, calling him misogynistic.

Accepting the ‘Hero of the Year’ prize at the NME awards, the 25-year-old was making his speech, before a man interjected. The rapper wasn’t even slightly happy with this.


Slowthai proceeded to shout into the crowd:

Thank you for ruining my speech, thank you very much. Wasteman.”

He then threw his microphone down and began to walk off, before it got thrown back at him, among other things, and chaos ensued.



Hard to watch.

Slowthai – real name Tyron Kaymone Frampton – poured his drink into the crowd after he had one thrown at him, which led to the main fracas.


Comedian Katherine Ryan can be seen trying to cool everyone’s nerves, but to no avail.


The misogyny remarks came at Ryan’s defence, as when Slowthai was presented with the award, he showcased some pretty abhorrent behaviour towards her, openly groping her on stage and saying:

She wants me to tend to her flowers…

You ain’t never had someone play with you like I’d play with you.”

You’re 25, Thai. She has.


Being a comedian, Ryan responded in kind, mocking the rapper with ironic praise, which seemingly went way over his head. She replied:

You are like the hottest guy I’ve seen.


And something to the point of ‘I’m so wet I might slide down the stairs.’

That whole exchange was very hard to watch…


Christ she really hated every second of that. Pretty gross stuff from the rapper there.

slowthai and Katherine Ryan


The face of a woman who is loving the advances.


It’s fair to say that Twitter isn’t really on the rapper’s side…





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