Smug Cat Opens Container And Takes A Bite Out Of Every Cookie

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Published 18.03.20

I think we can all agree that cats are little bastards.

Sure, people love them a lot and think they’re the next best thing since sliced bread – despite them pre-dating sliced bread for at least three years – but they are little bastards.

I’m allergic to them myself so seldom get close, but when I do, they still prove to me that they’re pricks.

My girlfriend’s cat (called Skittles but inexplicably nicknamed Mimi and then Mow) spent the best part of two hours sat on my lap the other day and, without me touching him, bit my hand and then f*cked off.

There’s the bastard

No need for that kind of behaviour, but then I suppose that’s just cats.

One cat who’s more subtle with her wrongdoing is Nellie, the cat who belongs to Allison Riebel.

Allison knows that her furry friend loves a treat, and even taught her tricks – like one would a dog – which, is anything, made her yearning for a snack even stronger.

Mischievous cat who stole cookies from tupperware

You can see where this is going.

Allison volunteers at the Wildlife Medical Clinic through the University of Illinois, and wanted to treat her fellow volunteers. With that, she made some lovely cookies and boshed them in a Tupperware so no cat could get their paws on them.

Despite this, Nellie still managed to get the box open and rather than eating a few of the cookies, she took a bite out of each and every one of them.

Cookies have bite taken out of them after cat gets its paws on them

Speaking to The Dodo, Allison said:

Nellie somehow opened the container and took all the cookies out and onto the floor.

The funny thing is I know she took them all out separately because if she had just knocked them out of the container, the cookies would have broken. But they were spread out across our dining room floor with little bites out of each.

So she took them all out separately and chopped them all separately and did it quietly enough to not get noticed.

Allison only noticed Nellie had done this when the cat knocked something over in the process, which led Allison to go an investigate.

Cat looking proud after taking a bit out of all the cookies

When she got there, she saw Nellie looking dangerously proud of herself, and not even remotely sorry for ruining all of the biscuits.

Allison added:

She did not seem guilty. She plays it off very well. It’s both infuriating and hilarious. She’s very proud of herself.

Cats, man. Bloody cats.

Images via Allison Riebel