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Snoop Dogg Has Released A Lullaby Album For Baby Fans


Snoop Dogg has released a lullaby album for baby fans. Getting a youngster to fall asleep and remain asleep is an absolute joy if you've ever had a child of your own.

I bet you're thinking, "I wish they'd brought out a lullaby version of Snoop Dogg's 'Doggy Dog World'" as you're standing there at 4 am, pleading with them to stop sobbing and allow you a few more hours of sleep. "That would do the trick."

They are actually doing it, as luck would have it. That way, you may introduce your child to the discography of rappers right away.

Snoop Dogg Lullaby Album For Kids

Snoop Dogg has released a lullaby album for baby fans. Yes, it happened in December 2019.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/snoop-dogg-has-released-a-lullaby-album-for-baby-fans/ by Scarlet Sunset on 2022-10-13T23:50:43.146Z

Rockabye Baby! lullaby interpretations by Snoop Dogg were the title of the 48-year-forthcoming old's children's album. 'Gin and Juice,' 'Drop it like it's Hot,' and 'Sensual Seduction' were just a few of the many hits that are included.

Gin & Juice - Lullaby Renditions of Snoop Dogg - Rockabye Baby!

Despite the fact that many parents were appalled at the idea of their child hearing lyrics like "See I specialize in making all the girls become naked" or "You roll so good you might as well let me hit it, for like 15 minutes, girl, you never gon' forget it," the music was unaccompanied by lyrics.

Rather, they are instrumental renditions of each song that are meant to put your child back to sleep. Rockabye Baby! Music, a company that creates instrumental lullabies for well-known artists like Eminem and Kanye West, collaborated with the album's release.

On November's Record Store Day, a vinyl edition of the album was made available; however, the official release date is slated for December 6, 2019.


Snoop said he doesn't care about money when discussing his profession earlier this year, only loving to create and enjoy beautiful music.

I love the way that good music feels. Even if it ain't mine, I just love how that s*** feels. But when it's mine it feels even better because I'm able to do it. I've made projects before that weren't good, but they felt good to me. And that's all I give a f**k about. I don't care about this sold eight million, 100,000, 22,000 or 17. Who cares? If you ain't doing it for the feeling, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. You should never be doing it to make money or become famous. That isn't what this game was built on. Anyone who's ever been successful or a megastar? They love this s*** first and foremost, more than anything.- Snoop Dogg

People Also Ask

Is Snoop Dogg Making A Lullaby?

Snoop Dogg, a rapper and well-known cannabis enthusiast, has created an album of lullabies featuring several of his greatest hits.

What Will Lullaby Album For Kids By Snoop Dogg Have?

The lullaby album contains "Gin and Juice", "What’s My Name?", "Beautiful", "Drop It Like It’s Hot", "Lay Low", "Sensual Seduction", "Young, Wild & Free", "Snoop’s Upside Ya Head", "California Roll", "Trust Me", "Slow Down", and "Doggy Dogg World"'s mellow instrumental renditions.

What Was The Release Date Of Snoop Dogg's Lullaby Album?

Snoop Dogg's Lullaby Album's release date was December 2019.


Snoop Dogg has released a lullaby album for baby fans that includes soothing interpretations of his hit songs.

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