Tiger King has come to the world of gaming, thanks to one person who is using their lockdown time well on Sims 4.

Before this I had never watched a true crime documentary because, to me, they’re exploitative of horrible events, grieving people and they glorify crime. ‘If you do something mad and convoluted, while killing someone, you could get your own documentary! That’s the Netflix promise!!!

But then Tiger King came out and I’ve got to admit, I really wanted to watch it. Something got in the way and I didn’t at first, until I was listening to the Arsecast (an Arsenal podcast) yesterday and since there’s no football to talk about – least of all Arsenal – they were talking about this show.

The host, Andrew, was talking about how everyone in the show, barring maybe four people, was the worst possible person in the world and then I had to watch it. With that, I watched all episodes but the last one and it’s bizarre; almost everyone in it is terrible.

It’s insane, everyone but the guy with no legs, the person with one arm, the guy who looks like Kid Rock and the campaign manager are horrible, horrible people (also I like the producer guy). And there’s so many twists and turns that when they mention in a throwaway scene that they use meat they found in a Walmart bin to make pizzas for the guests, you’re just like ‘Yeah whatever. Sure.

Anyway, I’ve completely digressed because the point is that someone, Kari Nicole Mckendrick, has made some of the main cast of Tiger King on Sims 4 and it’s pretty amazing.

Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin made their way onto the game, as well as Joe’s two straight husbands, one of whom divorced him and the other who sadly, “accidentally” killed himself.

Have a look. It’s pretty uncanny…

Ladies and gentlemen….hold onto your murder contracts.I present to you: The Tiger King!Edit: I went ahead and added these to the gallery but I plan to do the rest later too! Origin ID: Karid3th

Posted by Kari Nicole Mckendrick on Friday, 27 March 2020

Outstanding work.

Images via Facebook, EA