Someone Has Decided To Put Gravy On Pasta And It’s Dividing The Internet

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Published 12.02.20

Gravy on pasta. It’s the combination of two ingredients that you would have thought had no business appearing in the same dish, but apparently you’d be wrong.

I say that like there’s more ingredients after the pasta and gravy. There aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong; I love gravy and believe there’s seldom a finder sauce while Josh is from the north, so his blood is 60% gravy, but gravy on pasta? I’m not sure they belong.

The fine examples of food, but never the twain shall meet. The twain met, as showcased by Kristi D on the Facebook page Rate my Plate.

Usually you can dismiss the posts on Rate my Plate as bored people trying to get a rise out of others, but this particular one seemed like more. It seemed like someone actually made it on purpose…

Classic Pasta & Gravy by Kristi D

Posted by Rate My Plate on Friday, 7 February 2020

Responses were mixed, to put it lightly, with one being:

That’s definitely a classic Kristi. A classic example of shit on a plate.

And another going for:

There is no such thing as “classic” pasta and gravy no such thing, not on any Italian menu in any Italian restaurant, no Italian chef would ever cook it, no mama’s secret recipe or not in any Italian recipe book nowhere ever! You seriously need to take some cooking classes or just take aways and never ever suggest this obomination [sic] (look it up) is a “classic” ever again!

While one person simple opted for:

What the hell is classic about this. Looks like someone had the runs on the pasta...”

gravy on pasta

Do people actually eat that?

Well, some people defended the “dish”, with responses including:

Omg this is amazing, being German we used to eat this all the time as a quick snack and my kids now love it too, the gravy has to be thick though.”


Yes! I love pasta and gravy. When I tell others about this they turn their nose up….until they try it.”


My little lad loves pasta and gravy but like a bit of grated cheese too he just see the picture and said that looks goooood.

Christ who am I kidding? I’ll probably try it.

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