Someone Remade The ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer With A Cartoon Sonic And It’s Far Better

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 30.05.19
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Sonic’s a weird name, isn’t it? The more you say it, the weirder it sounds. Sonic Sonic Sonic. And he’s a hedgehog. Whose idea was that?

I just googled it. Yuji Naka, apparently. Crazy b*stard.

But yeah, Sonic’s getting a film and you already knew that. You probably also knew that almost no-one who watched the trailer liked the design of the titular Sonic.

You’d think it would be hard to get a blue hedgehog that wears trainers wrong, but a pretty stellar job was done in that regard (as in getting it wrong (I’m very good at writing)) and the director for the film recently revealed that all of that would be undone.

In what seems like the first time ever for a high-budget film, producers actually listened to the public, and have taken to redesigning the speedy little mammal of the subfamily Erinaceinae… which I’m sure means something.

It’s a bittersweet revelation since I kind of feel sorry for the team behind the design and rendering of Sonic, but here we are with any old idiot on Twitter saying that they could have done a better job.

In that vein, YouTuber Artur Baranov has remade the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer with a more cartoon-accurate Sonic and it actually looks pretty good. Have a look…

It does look good but I’m not so sure he fits in that world very well.

It’s all a bit Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and looks completely out of place in a car next to James Marsden.

With that said, the design that Paramount went for just looks like a man in a blue suit wearing a weird hat. Nothing’s perfect in this world.

It’ll be interesting to see what design they throw at us next. Almost definitely it will be a more fan-pleasing form, but it’s hard to tell just how much they will change. Million of dollars would have already been spent on merchandising the old weird design so I can’t imagine them straying too far away from that.

On a separate note, isn’t it weird that Sonic has friends called things like Knuckles and Tails and Shadow (maybe he’s a bad guy), but then there’s a girl one called Amy? They could have called her anything and they went for Amy.

I don’t have anything against the name – it’s a fine name – but Amy? Alongside Knuckles and Sonic? Do better.

Images via Paramount, YouTube

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