Someone’s Made A 70s Disco Album About Brexit And It’s Actually Pretty Good

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Published 15.10.19

A 70s disco album about Brexit has emerged and it might be the album of the year

You might think that’s the sort of title created by a dodgy predictive text, but believe it or not it’s actually true! Someone actually has made a 70s disco album about Brexit.

Now before we start let me just add a little bit of advice… if you’re the sort of person who can’t stand a bit of the cheesy, this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re the sort of person who loves Flares (or any other nightclub dedicated to the 70’s and 80’s) then you’ll probably love this.

From “Let’s go WTO” to “Canada Plus”, The Hustle has 8 tracks full of Brexit puns and references, all backed to glitzy 70’s disco music. Honestly, the only word to describe it is…well…groovy, but don’t take my word for it, have a listen for yourself!

Now… to the majority of you who couldn’t be bothered to listen to the whole thing: I don’t blame you. To the few who did… maybe you could consider getting a life? The album was created to add a bit of fun to the complex ever-changing mess known as Brexit. For political journos bordering on Brexit-induced insanity (deffo not me…promise!), it comes as a welcome break from the squabblings of posh people from the Home Counties.  Anyway, I know what you’re thinking. Who on earth would create such a thing?

Who made the Brexi disco album?

The concept album was created by journalist and musician Rhodri Marsden. He gets around, he’s worked for publications from The Guardian to The Evening Standard, and magazines like Radio Times and Cosmopolitan.

Speaking last week on BBC’s Brexitcast Marsden explained why he decide to create the album:

“The ongoing uncertainty about Brexit has cause me no end of anxiety and has done for a long time, there was a point when I realised that making a disco album would be cheaper than therapy”

Relatable, innit?

Where can I listen to the Brexit disco album?

For those of you who’ve left feeling inspired… good news! You can listen to The Hustle on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes (Yeah, even iTunes!).

As for me?… Well I’m just going to dig out my 70’s fancy dress and buy a disco-ball. All round to mine for the Brexit themed discotheque!