There have been plenty of new vegan items hitting the shelves this year, and vegans had been hoping rumours suggesting there would be an plant-based Festive Bake from Greggs were true.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but everyone’s favourite bakery has said it’s not happening – yet.

It’s been almost a year since the arrival of the vegan steak bake, and two years since the hugely popular vegan sausage roll.

The Festive Bake is a seasonal must-have for Greggs fans, with turkey, a creamy sauce and plenty of stuffing.

Metro asked Greggs whether vegans will be able to get their hands on an animal-free version and they said: ‘We’re always listening to what Greggs fans want. We’ve no plans just yet for Christmas 2021, but if our customers are good next year and make it onto the “nice” list, who knows what could happen!’

The sausage roll was developed after a successful campaign, so who knows, if you start requesting it now then you might just have one for 2021.

Get the cranberry sauce ready.

Image via Alamy