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South Dakota Online Gambling In 2023

South Dakota online gambling just became an option in 2021, but it was limited to the casinos in Deadwood. Legal real money online casinos are not accessible in South Dakota, and online gambling has been a non-starter there for some years.

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South Dakota onlinegambling just became an option in 2021, but it was limited to the casinos in Deadwood. Legal real money online casinos are not accessible in South Dakota, and online gambling has been a non-starter there for some years.
The people of South Dakota voted in favor of a referendum on sports bettingin November 2020. This meant that sportsbooks could open in Deadwood and Native American casinos.
In March 2021, a bill legalizing sports betting was signed into law, and on September 9, 2021, sports betting opened in Deadwood. The state has a state lottery, nearly two dozen casinos in Deadwood, and nine tribal casinos.

South Dakota Online Gambling History

South Dakota has a distinct role in gaming history, notably poker. Following the Black Hills Gold Rush, the state saw some of the most famous tales of Old West gaming.
The most famous of these stories was, of course, the one about James "Wild Bill" Hickok's last, deadly poker game and his "dead man's hand" at Deadwood's No. 10 Saloon.
That link to the Old West is still significant in South Dakota gambling today, as many casinos and gambling venues showcase the state's colorful heritage as part of a bigger tourist strategy.
Indeed, when South Dakotans opted to authorize limited-stakes gambling and the first casinos opened in 1989, Deadwood was selected as the site, with money designated mostly for historic restoration and preservation. South Dakota, along with Nevada and New Jersey, was the third state to legalize casino-style gambling at the time.
South Dakota's gambling heritage is ingrained in the Old West, and the state's entire non-tribal casino sector is based on Hickok's hometown.
Only a year later, in 1990, did the first Native American casinos open. South Dakota, on the other hand, has made just a few tiny efforts to expand legal gambling in the state since the casinos began.
South Dakota established the first state lottery in 1989. The state prohibits the purchase of lottery tickets online. However, video lottery terminals were adopted early in the history of the state lottery.
There were some legal challenges over these video lottery machines, but they have remained lawful since 1994, despite attempts to stop them. The provision of sports betting to South Dakota casinos is the state's most recent gaming expansion.
Except for pari-mutuel betting on horse racing platforms like TVG and TwinSpires, internet gambling of any kind is illegal in the state. In September 2021, however, Deadwood casinos launched a platform for internet sports betting.
There is no way to wager on sports teams either. Bets on collegiate sports played inside a state are prohibited. Bets on collegiate sports teams from states outside than South Dakota are still allowed.
Internet and mobile app-based social casinos are completely within the law. You may play slots and table games for fun and rewards without ever having to exchange real money on sites like Chumba casino, LuckyLand, and WinStar.
It is not advised to use online casinos or betting sites that are headquartered outside of your country. Avoid them since they violate local, state, and federal laws and provide no oversight.
Laptop, cards and coins in casino for gambling
Laptop, cards and coins in casino for gambling

Expected Games For Online Gambling In South Dakota

In the realm of online gambling, where the digital frontier meets the thrill of chance, various states pave the way for a diverse array of games that cater to the preferences of gaming enthusiasts.


In the picturesque landscapes of South Dakota, the regulations stand firm against the online sale of lottery tickets. However, the South Dakota Lottery embraces technology through its mobile app.
This innovative application allows users not only to scan physical tickets but also provides a gateway to a wealth of information about jackpots and ongoing promotions. While the digital realm may not host ticket purchases, it certainly elevates the lottery experience to new dimensions.

Online Slots

The familiar jingles and flashing lights of slot machines find their digital counterparts in the online realm. Most of the beloved slot machines that adorn your favorite brick-and-mortar casinos have found a home online.
What's more, players can revel in the flexibility of choosing lower betting limits and effortlessly switch between various online casinos. The virtual reels spin to the same excitement, with the added convenience of your preferred digital device.

Online Poker

Texas Hold’em enthusiasts can rejoice as the digital frontier extends its hospitality to cash games and tournaments. States such as Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware join forces, creating shared online poker player pools.
This collaboration significantly broadens the spectrum of available players, fostering vibrant online poker communities in these states. The virtual poker table awaits, promising an experience that mirrors the intensity of its physical counterpart.


In the digital realm, the iconic roulette wheel takes a different form. The online version embraces a random number generator, eliminating the need for a physical wheel.
Players can immerse themselves in the game by selecting their preferred variation – be it European, French, American, or other iterations. The digital wheel spins with the same anticipation, offering a unique take on this classic game of chance.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack, the undisputed champion of table games, undergoes a digital metamorphosis in the online gambling arena. Lower minimum bets welcome players, and the digital landscape presents a myriad of variations, from Blackjack Switch to Spanish 21.
The online realm eradicates the need to wait for a table, ensuring that the allure of blackjack is just a click away.

Live Dealer

To infuse a social element into online gambling, some states introduce the concept of live dealer table games. This innovative approach involves a live dealer dealing the game from a remote studio, with the entire action seamlessly streamed to players' computers or mobile devices.
The live dealer experience not only amplifies the authenticity of the game but also allows players to engage in real-time conversations with both the dealer and fellow players at the virtual table.

Deadwood Casinos And Gambling

In the annals of gambling history, 1989 marked a significant chapter for South Dakota as the first legal commercial casinos unfolded their doors in Deadwood, nestled in the western expanse of Lawrence County.
Over the years, this quaint town has burgeoned into a thriving gambling hub, currently boasting more than 20 casinos that echo with the whispers of slot machines, the shuffle of cards, and the clinks of dice.

The Distinctive Landscape Of Deadwood Casinos

Unlike the colossal hotel-casino resorts that adorn the skylines of Atlantic City or Las Vegas, Deadwood's casinos exude an intimate charm. The largest players in this eclectic scene are the Silverado Franklin Hotel and Casino, along with the Gold Dust Casino and Hotel.
Both behemoths boast expansive spaces exceeding 25,000 square feet, adorned with over 300 slot machines and a plethora of table games. The Mineral Palace, not to be overshadowed, stakes its claim with a collection surpassing 350 slots, ensuring that patrons find their fortune within its walls.

Top Casinos In Deadwood

Silverado Franklin Hotel And Casino

  • Address:709 Main St., Deadwood, SD
  • Phone:605-578-3670
  • Live poker:Yes
  • Historic Elegance:This refurbished establishment, standing proudly on Deadwood's Main Street since 1903, intertwines the allure of the Franklin Hotel with a gaming haven. With 225 slots and diverse table games, including Texas Hold’Em and 3-Card Poker Progressive, it preserves the essence of Deadwood's rich history. Bet limits add an element of thrill, capped at $1,000 on all table games.

Gold Dust Casino And Hotel

  • Address:688 Main St., Deadwood, SD
  • Phone:605-578-2100
  • Live poker:Yes
  • A Facelift of Fortune:Under new ownership in 2014, the Gold Dust Casino underwent a transformative facelift. The revamped gaming floors host an array of table games, from craps to roulette, alongside a generous selection of slots. Virtual roulette tables, adorned with digital precision, beckon enthusiasts to try their luck.

Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort

  • Address:360 Main St., Deadwood, SD
  • Phone:605-578-1500
  • Live poker:Yes
  • Modern Aesthetic, Timeless Fun:A modern marvel in Deadwood, the Cadillac Jack's Gaming Resort stands as a testament to contemporary design. Renovated with a modern aesthetic, it offers a diverse selection of slots and table games, including the famed Quick Hit series and craps tables that keep the thrill alive until the early hours.

Mineral Palace Hotel & Gaming

  • Address:601 Historic Main St., Deadwood, SD
  • Phone:800-847-2522
  • Live poker:No
  • Slots Galore:With more than 320 slots gracing its halls, the Mineral Palace Hotel & Gaming caters to a spectrum of preferences, from penny machines to high-stakes $25 slots. While live poker might be absent, the allure of blackjack, 3-card poker, and double-deck blackjack creates an engaging atmosphere. A 75-room hotel and a charming gift shop add to the overall experience.

Deadwood Station Bunkhouse & Gambling Hall

  • Address:68 Main St., Deadwood, SD
  • Phone:605-578-3476
  • Live poker:No
  • Local Flavor:Nestled at the entrance to the city, the locally owned Deadwood Station Bunkhouse & Gambling Hall welcomes visitors with traditional slots and video lottery games. The establishment not only offers a gambling haven but also features a bunkhouse hotel and the inviting Miner's Saloon, adding a touch of local charm to the gaming experience.
In the heart of Deadwood, where the echoes of the past harmonize with the chimes of jackpots, these casinos stand not just as establishments of chance but as guardians of the town's storied legacy.
As the wheels spin and cards shuffle, Deadwood's casinos continue to be an integral part of a narrative that blends history, entertainment, and the ever-elusive pursuit of fortune.

South Dakota Gambling Laws

Deadwood/commercial and tribal gaming establishments in South Dakota require gamblers to be 21 or older. You must be at least 18 years old to play the state or national lottery or wager on horse racing. These days, slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, and keno are all perfectly legitimate forms of gambling.
The state may have the same games that can be found in Las Vegas, but the casinos themselves are strictly controlled. For example, South Dakota is one of just a few of states, with regulated gambling that has imposed a maximum wager restriction for players. The maximum amount you may gamble is $1,000.
As someone who has gambled professionally for many years, I can confidently state that this is a fair bet. It's a big gamble to go for anything bigger. So you may be asking yourself, how did these South Dakota gaming regulations get what they are today.
In 1989, slots, craps, and roulette were made legal by SL ch 374, 5. In the same year, ch 374, 30 made 21 the minimum age for lawful gaming in South Dakota. A gaming license may be revoked from a business for breaking this legislation, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor.
The state's gaming industry is subject to a 9% gaming tax on all gambling gross winnings. Each card game and slot machine in a casino or other licensed establishment has its own licensing stamp charge. This charge is $2,000 per year and is due every year.
However, before casinos opened in the state, residents could play the Lottery. The lottery was sanctioned legally in 1986 and has been operating continuously since then. Scratch-off tickets and video terminals both provide lottery games.
Professional gamblers are prohibited under Chapter 22-25A from engaging in internet betting. Because of this statute, South Dakota is now one of the few states with a clear legal framework for internet gambling.
A person who is found guilty of making online bets might be fined up to $10,000 and put to jail for up to a year. As a consequence, there are presently no operators that provide legal online casinogames to citizens of the state.
South Dakota has entered into gambling pacts with a number of Native American groups. South Dakota tribes were only given access to Class II casinos until 2015, when they were granted access to Class III games including keno, craps, roulette, slot machines, blackjack, and poker. The city's commercial casinos and Deadwood's Indian casinos are both permitted by law to offer the same gambling options.

FAQs - South Dakota Online Gambling

Online gambling options in South Dakota are limited to specific forms of legal gambling, such as pari-mutuel betting on horse racing. However, online casinos and poker are currently not legalized within the state.

Can South Dakota Residents Legally Play At Offshore Online Casinos?

South Dakota residents should exercise caution when considering playing at offshore online casinos. While there are no specific laws prohibiting it, the legal landscape surrounding offshore gambling is complex. Residents should be aware of potential risks and uncertainties.
As of the latest information, online poker is not legal in South Dakota. The state's gambling laws do not currently permit online poker platforms to operate within its jurisdiction.

Are There Plans To Legalize Online Gambling In South Dakota?

There have been discussions about the potential legalization of online sports betting in South Dakota, but no concrete plans for the broader legalization of online gambling, including casinos and poker, have been finalized.

How Do South Dakota's Online Gambling Laws Compare To Neighboring States?

South Dakota's online gambling laws differ from its neighboring states. While some neighboring states may have legalized online sports betting or casinos, South Dakota's current stance is more conservative, with limited online gambling options available.

Final Words

In the virtual corridors of the South Dakota online gamblinglandscape, the state has witnessed a transformative journey.
From the riveting allure of digital slots to the strategic plays at virtual poker tables, the online realm echoes the spirit of chance.
While the historic casinos of Deadwood retain their charm, the digital evolution adds a dynamic layer to the state's gaming tapestry.
As South Dakota navigates the intersection of tradition and technology, the online gaming experience continues to unfold, offering enthusiasts a diverse array of games and a contemporary twist to the timeless pursuit of luck.
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