South Park Is Coming To Netflix This Month

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 12.09.19

Fans of South Park will be overjoyed to hear that Netflix will be streaming the show beginning on Friday 27th September (which is also my birthday, ta very much Netflix).

Making the announcement via their various social media accounts, Netflix declared that they had attained the rights to a select few episodes due to issues with ‘content licensing’, but that those episodes would include ‘critically acclaimed episodes, fan favourites and others chosen by the creators.’

However, even with this great news, some people weren’t happy.

“Why do you do that, put half the seasons of stuff one? Either put the lot on or don’t bother,” one user fumed.

“So no seasons 2 to 17?” a second chimed in.

“Content licensing is a strange and wonderful world,” Netflix quipped.

Netflix is the second mainstream streaming site to attain the rights to the show, as Amazon Prime got there first. It can be speculated that this is the reason why Netflix’s selection of episodes is so small, but so long as classics like ‘The Jeffersons‘ and ‘Good Times with Weapons’ are up there, we should be good.

Basically anything with Randy in and I’m good.

Which South Park seasons are on Netflix?

Season one of South Park is one Netflix, as are seasons 18-21.

A collection of other top episodes will also be included, although seasons 2-17 won’t feature.

south park coming to netflix

For those unfamiliar with South Park (highly unlikely but there are some who genuinely live in caves), the animated series follows the adventures of four seemingly immortal schoolboys in a fictional town in wintry Colorado.

But just because it’s a cartoon, do not be fooled into thinking it is in any way suitable for children. The show has made history for being one of the most controversial comedies of all time, with its offensive humour seemingly knowing no bounds. Notable storylines include real-life characters from US presidents to religious icons, each involved in adventures that have provoked global protests.

South Park has released a grand total of twenty-two seasons since the show created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone began in 1997, with a twenty-third season airing in the United States later this month. It’s likely that thanks to The Simpsons‘ impressive thirty-one season run, South Park will be churning out more side-splitting, cringeworthy episodes for years to come, promoted further by the dominance that Netflix has had over TV channels like Comedy Central over the last few years.

When is South Park on Netflix?

The film version, otherwise known as South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, is already on the site for you to watch in preparation for the binging feast on September 27th.

As one Twitter user commented on the announcement tweet, ‘guess what I’m doing all day on the 27th!’

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