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Southwest Airlines Resumes Alcohol Sales - Booz Is Back!


When the newsthat Southwest Airlines Resumes Alcohol Saleswas revealed by the press, the majority of the boozers or drunkards were happy. Many people consider alcohol to be a man's enemy, yet boozers argue that "loving your enemy" is written in the Bible. What a farce! Due to the escalating instance of the COVID-19 epidemic affecting all flights around the world, that enemy has been temporarily banned.

However, major airlines, notably Southwest Airlines, have reversed the alcohol prohibition two years later. This page will provide you with the relevant information on that important issue during the time of the pandemic's rise, as well as other airlines that have resumed providing alcohol to passengers.

Is Southwest Serving Alcohol 2021

COVID-19 has caused a lot of people to get the disease. This caused the mandate to last until 2020. Most major airlines still don't serve alcohol in economy class, but Southwest and American are the only two that still don't.

Southwest was the first major U.S. airline to stop traditional in-flight service at the start of the pandemic in order to cut down on interactions between passengers and flight attendants.

Does Southwest Serve Alcohol 2022

Southwest Airlines Resumes Alcohol Sales

The answer is yes. Southwest will resume full beverage service on February 16th. Starting on that day, Southwest Airlines will offer a wider range of beverages. All of these adjustments apply to flights that are more than 176 miles long. In fact, pretzels, as well as a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, are always available. Onboard, you can purchase cocktails, beer, and wine. According to Southwest Airlines' official website, all major credit cards are accepted. However, cash is no longer accepted.

Passenger Behavior Under The Influence Of Alcohol

On-board, security personnel of an Airline monitors the passenger
On-board, security personnel of an Airline monitors the passenger

Lifting the alcohol ban on Southwest Airlines has brought public concern about the disruptive behavior of passengers who are drunk. One video uploaded on the internet shows an airline incident in which alcoholic drinks are said to be the main cause.

The revival of alcohol sales on Southwest, according to the Transport Workers Union of America (TWO) President of local 556, Lyn Montgomery, is "unsafe and irresponsible." In the United States, the Transport Workers Union (TWU), AFL-CIO, represents more than 150,000 members in the airline, railroad, transit, universities, utilities, and services sectors.

Flight attendants' number one task, according to the union, is to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew members on board, and that should be the number one concern for Southwest Airlines, as well. Passengers have also been penalized $225,000 by the agency as a result of the occurrences.

In November of last year, United Airlines resumed selling alcohol on its flights. A modification to American Airlines' beverage policy has yet to be announced.

Can I Bring Alcohol On Southwest Airlines

On Southwest Airlines, the maximum amount of liquor that can be brought in or checked baggage is five liters per customer. The five-liter limit per customer does not apply to wine. The alcohol content can't be more than 70% by volume (140 proof).

According to Southwest Airlines' guidelines, wine and beer are allowed as checked luggage but must be sealed in a corrugated box. To prevent leakage, a professional package built to meet the proportions of the bottle is required.

Southwest Airlines' ticket booths sell liquor and wine packages for $5.00 each. Professionally packaging alcohol and wine are allowed, as long as the contents are well-protected and the container doesn't let them spill out.

Do Any Airlines Serve Alcohol

Southwest and American are the only two airlines among the major six in the United States that have a blanket prohibition on alcohol in coach. Southwest only offers one level of service, but American offers alcohol in First and Business Class. Coach passengers on Delta, United, Alaska, and Jet Blue can purchase beer and wine.

American Airlines Alcohol Policy

If you don't declare any dangerous materials, you'll be breaking US federal law. You might face up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if you do this.

- Alcoholic beverages with a proof greater than 140 are forbidden.  - Traveling with beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages in retail packaging is not allowed.  - Opened containers, on the other hand, are not permitted. In checked bags, you can only bring 5 liters of alcohol-based drinks with a volume of 24–70 percent. Customs laws vary from country to country.

What Does Southwest Airlines Offer

Notice what Southwest Airlines offers to you.

  • There are no fees associated with changes or cancellations. If you need to reschedule an impending flight, you'll simply have to pay the difference in fares.
  • Bags are free to fly. Your first and second checked bags are free when you fly with us.
  • In-flight entertainment. Free movies, free television, and free messaging are all available. -Always have the option of selecting your own seat. When boarding, our 737s are all yours to choose from and take whichever seat you prefer.
  • Acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of boarding. We go through three groups in numerical order, and your boarding pass tells you which group you're in.


Even though Southwest Airlines resumes alcohol sales now, this article recommends that all passengers drink responsibly and in moderation. When we drink too much alcohol, we lose control of our mental and emotional state. Some airlines still prohibit the sale of alcohol on board, so we should observe the rules. The authorities will be glad if we drink alcohol in moderation and do not cause a disturbance. Passengers will be punished if they do not obey the guidelines.

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