Spanish Man Left His Home Dressed As A T-Rex Followed By Police

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Published 19.03.20

A man dressed as a T-Rex was filming walking the empty streets of Spain, all the while being followed by police.

In Spain, people have more or less been locked within their home, not to leave unless they’re getting food, medicine, or taking their dogs for a walk.

This has, obviously, been implemented in a bid to quell the spread of the Coronavirus, but some people have other ideas.

One man was filmed from a balcony in Spain walking around the streets in a town in Spain in one of those inflatable T-Rex that I swear I’m the only person in the world not to own.

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Obviously, he was tailed closely by police and promptly told to p*ss off back home, and while the curfew rules are pretty strict, he didn’t face any charges.

Tell you what, if it was the Civil Guard who got him and not the normal police, he would have faced a decent beating and then throwing in an overnight jail. Bunch of meanies, they are.

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Taking to Twitter, Murcia Police shared a video with the [translated] caption:

In alarm, pets are allowed to walk accompanied by a person, always with short walks to relieve themselves.

Having a Tyrannosaurus rex complex is not covered.

Meanwhile, back in the UK but still in the realms of high-budget Hollywood blockbusters, one woman was spotted in Asda wearing a Stormtrooper helmet to protect herself from COVID-19.

Some things are hard to believe, even when you see them. A woman wearing Star Wars memorabilia to ward off a pandemic is one of those.

Ignoring advice from Finn in “First Order stormtrooper helmets could filter out smoke, but not toxins,” a woman wore one of their helmets instead of an actual mask.

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The pictures were taken by Mark Mattocks as he saw the shopper getting their fill of Coca Cola at an ASDA in Sittingbourne, Kent. He went on to tell The Sun:

I was strolling past the aisle with my girlfriend and we were both chatting about how empty the shelves were.

We both glanced along and carried on walking then froze and both said ‘did you just see that?’

I was totally stunned at how casually this lady was shopping with that on her head.

It looked like she was stockpiling bottles of Coke.”

It’s an absolutely bizarre method of protecting oneself and you sort of have to wonder if she’s done this all just for a laugh.

I guess if someone coughed on your Stormtrooper mask while you were wearing it, it’s more likely that the germs would be stopped by the sheet of plastic in front of your face, but come on.

To each their own.

Images via The Sun, Murcia Police, Universal