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Special Characters In Subject Line Of Email - Should You Use Them Or Not?


Recent trends in the email marketing communications you have been getting could have caught your attention. These days, it appears like including special characters in subject line of email is all the rage, from straightforward items like hearts on Valentine's Day to stars and stripes on July 4th.

But even though these unique and special characters in subject line of email can make your ideas stand out, adding a few stars and hearts won't turn a bad marketing plan into a good one by magic.

Before stuffing their messages with special characters in subject line of email, email marketers need to be aware of a few "dangers." The fact that not all email clients will be able to render special characters efficiently is one of the most important.

Your communications could appear like gibberish on the other side of the screen if you are not careful. The novelty element is one of the reasons marketers use unique characters and other gimmicks.

The novelty of this kind of messaging may initially result in better response rates, but in the end, that novelty is likely to soon wear off as consumers, and marketers, move on to the next unique idea.

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Generally speaking, while creating your subject line, evaluate the idea you want to send before deciding whether or not a few carefully considered special characters would support that message.

If so, add them after confirming that they will appear correctly in a variety of email clients. Leave out any special letters or symbols that don't provide any value and concentrate on developing excellent text in their place.

Using special characters in email subject lines has both benefits and drawbacks. Marketers typically report better open rates. Many don't, although some claim higher levels of participation.

Additionally, there have been complaints of issues with deliverability due to special characters, primarily because spammers once had a thing for them.

How to Insert Symbols, Special Characters and Horizontal Lines into an email in Outlook - 365

People Also Ask

Can Email Subjects Have Special Characters?

In your email's subject line, preheader, and body, special characters are supported. However, you should think twice before using them frequently because doing so can cause your email to end up in your contacts' garbage or spam folders.

How Do You Type Special Characters In An Email?

From the Insert menu, choose Advanced Symbol, then the Special Characters tab. Select the desired character by clicking.

When Composing A Subject Line, Is It Acceptable To Use Special Characters?

Utilizing one unique character in each email subject line is recommended. Use no more than two. But if you think back to our last example, the one with the 1, 2, and 3, you'll see that it too violated the limit of two.

How To Use Emoji In Subject Line Of An E-mail?

Emojis can be used in email subject lines by simply copying and pasting them from a website or document, such as Facebook Symbols or Emojipedia, into the email's subject line area.

What Is Character Limit For Email Subject Line?

Shorter emails are frequently preferable for many receivers, especially those who view them on mobile devices. Stick to a maximum of 9 words and 60 characters.


Special characters in subject line of email are those intriguing little symbols that occasionally appear in email subject lines. You've probably seen them before. These unique characters are also known as glyphs, ideographs, ideograms, and occasionally emoji.

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