CCTV footage released by Polish authorities shows the shocking moment a motorist driving a Suzuki Swift in Lodz, Poland on Easter Sunday literally flying through the air after hitting a raised roundabout before crashing into a graveyard and bursting into an inferno of flames.

Miraculously the driver survived.

I wouldn’t like to say how high the vehicle leapt off the ground but it’s pretty staggering and shows he must have been driving at some speed.

No doubt a completely terrifying situation for the driver as not all Swift’s have wings.

Police who attended the scene after the car burst into flames on impact, said the 41-year old driver remained conscious but stated his breath smelt of alcohol.


Fire fighters battled to cut him free from the wreckage and now authorities await the results of a blood test to confirm whether the man was over the limit or not.

The vehicle was left completely burnt out, and the man was said to have non-life-threatening injuries after being taken to hospital.

Which is pretty staggering considering the impact and subsequent ball of flames he found himself in.

From the footage you can see the vehicle hurtling along the quiet streets before it literally catapults into the air and flies across the roundabout, clipping a pine tree mid-air and narrowly missing a statue of the Pope.


The front end of the vehicle was demolished and reports suggest shrapnel and toppled trees remain on the ground of the cemetery in Rąbień – the Swift’s final resting point.

I can’t help but wonder what the driver’s essential trip was for?

After all, like most countries in Europe, Poland has banned all non-essential travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wherever he was going he was clearly in a hurry and I’d say is now very lucky to be alive.

Unlike his car.

Images via Twitter