You can now get a spider-repellant that actually works!

Spiders. Everybody’s favourite eight-legged nuisance. Most people are afraid of these creepy crawlies and naturally Home Bargains have created a solution.

The product, which costs 99p I may add, contains special chemicals that spiders don’t like. All you do is simply spray the poison, I mean product, around windows, doors and anywhere else where the little monsters are likely to appear.


Having a spider in my house only last night, this would’ve been great. The only issue is that there are probably millions of spiders already living within the homes of many. Once the spider is in your house you’re f*cked surely?

Besides spiders are always finding new ways to terrorise us.


Users of the products have been impressed with its results. One customer says “it works everytime”. “Spider season” as it’s called appears to take place during September as it starts to get cold (even though it’s never warm in the first place). Spiders come into people’s homes to seek warmth. I can vouch for this as I have seen many a spider over the past few weeks.

The product first garnered attention after it was posted on the Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK Facebook (who knew that existed). It quickly got 2,000 likes with many others expressing interest in the product.


“Need this!” Said one user while another said “Looks like another trip to home bargains for us”.

Apparently the item isn’t available online so you’ll need to go in to your Home Bargains store quick.


If it’s as popular as it shown on Facebook they’ll go as quickly as they arrived.

This item appears to be a humane way of stopping spiders from coming near you or your home (provided you don’t have them in your home anyway and I bet you do).

However a few weeks ago Aldi released a spider catcher that caught spiders within the house, again not killing the beasts. That was priced at £7.99, a colossal amount compared to the mere 99p the repellant costs.


It’s not spiders I have an enormous problem with. Can Home Bargains and Aldi collab on a product that gets rid of wasps. At least spiders can’t hurt, or fly. These little black and yellow monsters fly, hover, sting and buzz their way into the houses of millions invoking even greater fear.

To take the edge off here’s what I came up with when I typed in cute spiders into Google. 

Not so bad, right?

Images via Getty, Facebook, Home Bargains, Aldi