The late, great creator of everyone’s time consuming device, the iPhone has been spotted in Egypt. Even though he’s been dead for eight years…

A recent post on Reddit shows the late CEO relaxing in a restaurant in Egypt, appearing very much alive and well despite his death of cancer in 2011.

Jobs – or most likely a random bloke who shares a striking similarity to the Apple c0- founder – appeared barefoot and wearing a sort of ugly beige robe. He could, however, be wearing those flimsy flip flops from Primark which fall to bits after 200 metres.


Some have suggested that the simplistic lifestyle correlated to his supposed Buddhist way of life and minimalist tendencies. Ironic seeing how Apple have become one of the most controversial and enigmatic companies around these days. (I’m still waiting for the day I have to buy one of these legendary special screws for when the battery goes kaput).

The people of Reddit quickly responded with one saying “he has the pose down. This is super weird”- referring to faux Jobs’ pose as he appears to sit in thought.

Perhaps he’s thinking about what a sh*tstorm Apple has become…

Another disagreed saying: “I want to believe, but Jobs wouldn’t be mentally be able to just let Apple rest on its laurels for as long as it has been”.


I disagree, I can totally see him just abandoning the company to go and live in a self made campervan (a Transit van or a battered Toyota Previa). I’m thinking of those videos on YouTube of couples with titles saying “Our Life In A Van”.

I’m sure he’ll have taken some of the one trillion dollars the company is currently worth, though. Clearly he hasn’t been spending it on clothes…


Some pointed out that Steve was wearing a pre-2017 watch. You know, a normal analog watch. Reddit users suggested that Jobs would be wearing a high tech Apple Watch instead. Again I’m inclined to disagree – I feel as though all that tech wouldn’t comply with this supposedly minimalist lifestyle he had.

It’s interesting how he’s been found in Egypt. I feel as though it’s a relatively popular holiday destination, and I feel that if this was Jobs, he’d have chosen somewhere more discreet. I’m thinking Outer Mongolia, Antarctica or Greenland.


Is Steve Jobs still alive?


On reflection, I don’t think this is him. However, I feel like if anyone could pull it off, he could. A guy who started Apple in a garage in the 70s and went on to make tonnes of money.

He’d know what to do.

Images via Getty/Reddit