Stormzy Calls Wiley’s Sister A “Little B**ch” In New Diss Track

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Published 09.01.20

Stormzy has hit back at Wiley in a savage new diss track, as well as branding his sister a “little b*tch”.

It must be exhausting being a rapper. Constantly looking over your shoulder for new beef appearing over seemingly nothing. One day you’re eating a sandwich in a Pret, the next day you’re being called out for being a sandwich-sucking bitch by, I don’t know, Drake.

That’s no way to live. Compounding my stance are the likes of Stormzy and Wiley who are currently at each others votes in beef that, no joke, started over Ed Sheeran.


stomzy wiley

Why are Stormzy and Wiley arguing?

Essentially, after Stormzy teamed up with Ed Sheeran on their number one hit Own It, Wiley has been calling the grime star out for going against the fabric of grime and pandering to the public.

Wiley then claimed that the only reason Jay-Z wanted was to work with Stormzy was down to his collaboration with Sheeran.


After that, Stormzy branded Wiley a pr*ck and added that while he’s angry in public, the private messages he sends tell a completely different story.

As is the way with grime artists and rappers, Wiley then released a diss track called Eeediyat Skengman, where he called the rapper “worse than Ed Sheeran” and added that he doesn’t care about grime culture.

Stormzy then said that Wiley was a “crackhead c**t” whose lip he will “bust”. Nice.


This prompted another diss track from Wiley – Eediyat Skengman 2 – who included one of the most hilarious bars of all time, which read:

If I see your mum at Croydon market, I’m going to rip that weave off her head.

Very cold.


Stormzy then replied with a track of his own – STILL DISAPPOINTED – where he called out Wiley for putting his own mother’s life in danger, as well as hitting out at other members of his family.

He rapped:

I’m a real G and your dad’s a witness, boyed your bro and your sister begged it, I told that little b***h don’t ask for pictures.

Why you like to talk about mums so much? Where’s yours?

Wiley you should have been the one to guide but since you wanna diss my mum so much, let’s talk about why you moved your mum to Cyprus.

wiley beef


That poor little woman was scared in the house cause you put her life in danger, you p***k.

Since shots fly through your window you couldn’t be the one to save her you p***k.”

He then concludes that he’s more or less done with the beef, but he’ll allow Wiley one more retort so long that it comes within the day, by saying:

One more dub and it’s back to business.”


You f**kboy, let me know how you wanna die. 24 hours to reply.

I want to see passion like this with other genres of music. Where’s Hans Zimmer calling out Ludwig Göransson? I want Glass Animals to call out Alt-J for their last album.

I’m going to call out Josh actually. He’s a stupid goblin.

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