Stormzy Is The Owner Of The First Ever Greggs Black Card

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Published 20.02.20

Stormzy has become the first ever person to receive a Greggs black card, which makes him the luckiest man in the world since Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, when his red card was given to Kieren Gibbs after he hand balled Eden Hazard’s shot away from the Arsenal goal in 2014.

There are few things in life that can be called genuinely perfect; throwing something over your shoulder, with it landing in the bin behind you without touching the sides is one. Climbing into bed with your loved one on a Friday night after a very long day of work is another…


A Greggs steak bake makes the holy trifecta of perfection with those other two things, and if I wasn’t so self-destructive that I decided to cut beef out of my diet, I would be having one almost every day. These days, Stormzy can for absolutely free.

Now, I’m always slightly dubious when you hear of celebrities receiving black cards for Nando’s and the like; of all of the people in the world, they’re at the bottom of the list of those who need free food, but that’s not to say that if I were famous I would turn one down.


Mind you, I would hardly ever use one.

What is the Greggs Black Card?

The news that Stormzy was given a virtual black card was broken by the big man himself, as he showed off the tool that will allow him to have free Greggs delivered to him any time, any place for free.

Posting the video to Twitter, the rapper wrote:

Are you mad the first Greggs black card @GreggsOfficial

I have peaked this is brilliant.”


The video showed a personal message to the UK hiphop artist, as it listed his achievements before saying that this was his greatest, and listing off locations he could get his hands on a pastry, including “Croydon“, “Glasto” or “Fraser T Smith’s studio“.

The message to the rapper signed off with:

When you roll in, we’ll roll out.

greggs stormzy

Stormzy was also gifted a pair of black slippers to match his sleek VIP card, following the rapper’s recent appearance on BBC Breakfast in January when he forgot to change out of his slippers before the interview.

Greggs said:

‘Our Concierge card is strictly by invite only to some of our biggest fans. That’s all we can say.’

Speaking to the Guardian, the rapper, real name Michael Omari, added: ‘You know what, I love a vegan sausage roll, but – disclaimer! – do not mistake me for a vegan. Still love a Yum Yum though.

‘The sausage bean and cheese melt has been a favourite recently. Sausage steak bake; sausage, bean and cheese melt; or, in the festive season, you really want to get the turkey and cranberry one. That’s a good pastry.’


I guess I would use it for the Vegan Steak Bake they do. I tried it once and it is really nice, it’ll just never be able to live up to the glory of the standard Steak Bake. Nothing will.

Absolute perfection.

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