The You machine is very much still steaming ahead, as the third instalment of the story has been completed and a fourth is on the way, with the writer conforming so.

Writer of the You novel series, Caroline Kepnes, pretty sneakily broke the news that the two were in the works with her Twitter bio.

Previously, it read “I’m writing a third Joe book. And a fourth. No, I’m not done yet“, which was exciting news in itself as it confirmed that there’s at least two more stories to come, but things changed for the better…

Kepnes’s bio now reads “Yes, I finished writing the third Joe Goldberg book” which is pretty fantastic news.

I’ve got to say, it really sounds like she’s fed up with being asked about those books on Twitter, doesn’t it? I suppose it would start to annoy you if that’s all you ever got. Sort of like whenever Gary Lineker tweets, he’s either reminded that he ‘shat on pitch’ or that he’s a ‘luvvie’, whatever that means.

By the sounds of things, being a Luvvie equates to openly disliking cool, hip things like racism and homophobia. What a bunch of idiots!!!

Back to You, Kepnes explained where she was with You 3 in more detail, writing:

You3 is done and I know I keep saying ‘soonish’ but it’s truly so done that I saw possible covers last week.

Your patience in a pandemic means the world to me. Thank you for waiting! Soonish he’s yours. Also spoiler alert. In You3 Joe bitches about the word ‘soonish’“.

I mean that sounds like Joe.

You season 3

More good news is that the Netflix adaptation of series 3 will presumably be upon us soon, as it was announced almost immediately after season 2 dropped on the streaming service.

Revealing to LadBible in an AMA, executive producer Sera Gamble replied to a fan asking about season 3, saying:

We just opened the writers’ room for season 3 of You.

We’re aiming for early 2021 but these things are always a little hard to pin down til we’re close to ready. I will say: the new season is already BONKERS“.

What a time to be alive, eh?