‘Stranger Things 4’ Could Return For Christmas 2020

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Published 04.11.19

Stranger Things 4 filming schedules confirm that the series won’t return next summer. Does this point to a Christmas 2020 release date?

Earlier this year we all spent 4th July weekend (even us non-Americans) indulging in Stranger Things 4, which brought us all the summer sci-fi adventures and Winona Ryder we could ask for.

But with reports of filming for Stranger Things 4 wrapping in August 2020, it seems that our next Eleven-led adventure will pivot around an alternate holiday. And with Halloween and the summer holidays covered in S1 and S2 respectively, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. (Hit it Bublé.)

Stranger Things 4

A Christmas setting would give Stranger Things 4 its own unique identity and would also make sense for Netflix to ‘gift’ a new season of their most beloved show to their subscribers (think about the amount of merch they’ll be able to sell). We can already imagine families across the nations sitting in-front of the TV together – bloated from the turkey and pigs in blankets – watching brand-new episodes of their favourite eighties-set show.

Netflix, you have a shot at world peace here.

Never mind all of this; most importantly, a Christmas setting would also make sense for the characters. After the Buyers and Eleven left Hawkins at the end of Stranger Things 3, a festive setting would make the perfect excuse for all of our favourite characters to reunite.

It’s most likely that the Buyers would return to Hawkins for this period as we don’t think Jonathon and Nancy would be able to spend the holidays apart.

It could also mean our favourite supporting character from Season One could make a big return. No, not Barb. We’re talking about Joyce’s Christmas lights.

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In other Stranger Things 4 news, the fourth season of the show is set to have eight episodes, which is one less episode than its predecessor. It’s also looking to introduce four new characters; TVLine has reported that the Duffer Brothers are looking to cast three teenagers and one adult for the new season.

There are also rumours of an ‘Evil Eleven’ plot, a concept which Millie Bobbie Brown certainly wouldn’t mind exploring.

“I kind of like it! I’m into it. I wasn’t playing it like that. We don’t know what happens in season four. I definitely don’t. In scenes after the Mind Flayer grabbed me, I wasn’t playing it as I was infected. I was definitely playing it as normal as possible. And maybe that’s the reason they didn’t tell me. To make it as real as possible. I don’t know. Those theories freak me out a bit. Because I’m like, “Oh god, that could genuinely be true”,’ she continued. ‘And what if she is the villain? That would be so cool. Wouldn’t that be cool? I’d love to be the villain, but then I also wouldn’t because Eleven is perfect. It would suck.” Millie Bobbie Brown in conversation with Elle

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