A neuroeconomist at Claremont Graduate University conducted a study on which he found the reasons on why people cry at movies.

Essentially, people who do have a little cry are actually more sympathetic and warmhearted than those who don’t cry at movies and I’m about to explain the magic to you.

We’ve all been victim to crying during movies, The Notebook, Toy Story 3, Avengers: Endgame (love you 3000). And it turns out there’s actually a reason – not just because (SPOILER ALERT FOR AVENGERS JUST INCASE) Tony Stark dies trying to save the universe and everyone that he loves and then Cap finally gets the happy ending that he deserves. Actually yes, that is in fact the main reason BUT it’s also because we’re strong people who don’t give no f*cks what people think about our tears of LOYALTY.


If you try to tell me that you didn’t cry at Marley and Me then you’re lying to everyone and yourself and in the ever famous words of Owen Wilson…wow.

Empathy actually makes us humans stronger.


As humans, we are able to step into the role of the fictional character we see on screen and tune in to their emotions and see the dilemma in which they are facing. Then being able to break down like a baby who won’t go to sleep when something sad or happy happens to/for them. Thus, making us stronger as we are connecting to another human – yes, I know they’re fictional, don’t be a mood killer – therefore being able to do this with actual living breathing people who we can actually speak with on a day to day basis.


The real culprit for all of this is a little thing called Oxytocin.


A quick Google of this and you will find that Oxytocin is a tiny structure of the brain which is also otherwise known as the ‘cuddle hormone’. This tiny little b**tard is what basically makes life happy and also what makes you feel like utter sh*t. This is a chemical that surges through the body when you’re cuddling or being social with someone, hell it even rushes through your body when you see or play with a dog! – So many dogs I’ve bonded with who I’ll never see again. The pain is still there. THANKS TO OXYTOCIN.


So, if you want to blame anyone – blame science.

Those who cry are actually braver than those who don’t.


Yeah, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Those of us who cry at movies are brave ‘cause we’re badass and we don’t care who hears us sniffle and get breath caught in our throats because Noah admits it’s still not over and just wants Allie back (crying as we read). Us folk are not afraid of being ridiculed and called “weak” because we cry and show we have hearts. I don’t care if you judge me because Nicholas Sparks is a freakin’ romance genius and knows the exact ways to break and make my heart. I love love and if you don’t like that then pass me the tissues because it’s too upsetting to know that you don’t love love too.


Tears are power.


Honestly, I should have realised this myself a long time ago, but, tears are actually a form of connection which allow you to bond with others. They see what makes you upset and what makes you so happy you cry. It’s your power to show someone else how much you care. Whether it’s a movie, your first born child or when the delivery person turns up at your door with your food. SHOW YOUR POWER.


Gender roles are a thing of the past. Be gone negative vibes, be gone.



We never run away from the need to have a good cry.

Sometimes you just have to sit down and cry. Let the emotions of the day/week/year go. We run a nice bath, grab a glass of wine, play a little Adele and we cry, because there’s no other way to let go of the negative crap you carry around with you than to release the emotion. This allows us to connect with ourselves and keep control of emotional stability. In other words, it allows us to not want to punch someone in the face because they took the last cookie in Greggs. It’s all about control.

And finally, it means we live life to the fullest.


Being able to cry in front of people is often a hard thing for some to do, I get that, but don’t be scared to do it. Let someone see if you’re having an off day or if you’re genuinely upset about something. Cry at the movies, cry at ALL the movies! It just means you can appreciate life and understand the struggles which go on through normal day to day life and you can connect with anyone around you because of it. Put trust into someone and express your vulnerability at Woody and the gang saying farewell to Andy on the porch. Trust that they won’t judge you for having a heart. And if they do judge, then leave their heartless ass ‘cause ain’t nobody got time for that boring sh*t.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to get a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough AND Caramel Chew Chew ice cream and watch Forrest Gump because I like breaking my heart.

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