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This Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater Offers A Spectacular Ocean View


When it comes to high-tech boats, we know what we're talking about.

From the one-person tiny boat to the super-fast catamaran, we have everything you could possibly want here.

Using the Estrella superyacht, we've traveled to the high seas and conquered the swimming pool with this inflatable tank that comes complete with a functional squirt gun.

Basically, if we're excited about a watercraft, then you should be excited as well about this Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater!

Black and grey colored Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater
Black and grey colored Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater

Say welcome to the Triton 660 AVA Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater, which is a good example.

Fancy people are working on cutting-edge technology that will enable other fancy people to explore the unknown depths of the big blue sea while you're attempting to pay your power bill and avoid being infected by a virus.

660 AVA was designed by Triton, a Florida-based submersible firm, to have the feel of an in-home cinema, with the purpose of providing a unique "first row perspective" of the ocean.

There is a large, elegant cabin with a large acrylic glass that is meant to provide you with a completely unobstructed viewpoint of underwater life as well as a unique view of the gorgeous environment that resides under the sea.

Blue and black colored Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater
Blue and black colored Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater

The 660 AVA has modular seating, which allows you can arrange the chairs whatever you like, whether for business meetings, cocktail parties, or poker nights.

The 660 AVA theatrical submarine is so named because it can dive to a maximum depth of 660 feet (actually, it can dive to a maximum depth of 656 feet, but it doesn't sound as awesome).

The revolutionary submersible can accommodate a pilot and up to eight passengers, or a pilot, six passengers, and four children - although why anybody would want to bring children aboard is beyond me.

Angular view of orange and black colored Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater
Angular view of orange and black colored Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater

Using strong integrated LED lights, the high-tech submersible theatre can remain below for up to 12 hours, allowing you to readily view your surroundings while driving.

The watercraft is controlled by a cutting-edge joystick and user interface, allowing the pilot to take advantage of the opportunity to see local sights such as coral reefs.

The wraparound view provided by the glass windows gives the impression that you are floating weightlessly in the water, which is true. Imagine sipping on a martini while watching schools of tropical fish swoop through the air above you!

In all, the submersibles are somewhat more than 9 feet long, 14.8 feet broad, and 7.55 feet in height. That's not too shabby!

The maximum speed is 3 nautical knots, which equates to about 3.5 miles per hour on the open sea.

However, even though the Triton 660 AVA submersible isn't something you can buy at your local car dealership, it has been meticulously built to assist customers who wish to utilize the vehicle to earn some additional cash on the side.

Animated pic of Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater with people inside it
Animated pic of Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater with people inside it

For example, as compared to typical private submarines, the income per dive jumps by 33 percent. Even while I wouldn't call this a cost-effective solution, I suppose knowing this information is useful if you ever want to go into the submarine business.

Due to the fact that the Triton 660 AVA Submersible underwater theatreis not available for purchase other than for commercial purposes, we are unable to provide a price. However, the company recommends a seat price of between $400 and $600 per person in order for the company to purchase, pilot, and maintain the submarine while still making a profit.

Check out the video below to see the submarine-based submersible underwater viewing theatre submarine in action.

How Long Can A Submersible Stay Under Water?

Food and supplies are the only things that can keep them alive for an extended period of time underwater. Submarines are often equipped with a 90-day supply of food, allowing them to survive for three months underwater. The diesel-powered submarines (which are no longer in service with the United States Navy) had a submerged endurance limit of several days.


Although you cannot directly add the Triton 660 AVA Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater to your online buying basket, you may submit a purchase inquiry via the Triton website!

When planning a dive, don't forget to ask your pals from our website to accompany you.

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