‘Supermarket Sweep’ Is Officially Returning With Rylan Clarke As Host

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Published 10.07.19

I have very vague memories of this show but from what I can remember it was extremely zany and flamboyant.

Not only was it hosted by the late, great Dale Winton, but they essentially managed to make food shopping enjoyable. Everyone knows that food shopping is the absolute worst form of shopping, especially if you’re hungry.

Never, ever go shopping on an empty stomach.


The iconic 90s gameshow – which ran from 1993 to 2001 – was simple enough: teams answered trivia questions before going against each other in a timed race through a supermarket, chucking in the most valuable items they could find.

Go for fruit I say. Have you seen how extortionate it is these days? Even Aldi can’t keep the prices of fruit down – I swear a bunch of grapes is like a fiver. And don’t get me started on nuts. It won’t be pretty.

Anyway, Rylan Clark-Neal has confirmed that the much-loved ’90s game show is making a comeback, and he’ll be hosting it, taking to social media to share the delightful news with his fans.

“‪Been waiting a while to say this but it’s finally time to GO WILD IN THE AISLES ONCE AGAIN!” Rylan exclaimed on his Instagram, along with a promotional picture of him surrounded by supermarket purchases.


Whoever was involved with the branding of the food items in that picture needs firing. They’re like Sainsbury’s Basics only somehow more plain and unappetising.

To be fair to him, if you’d have asked me who’s got the energy to replace Dale Winton, Rylan Clarke would have absolutely been my first answer. He just seems tailor made for it.

A TV insider said: “It was felt that nobody else was better suited to take over the role which was synonymous with Dale for so long.

“Rylan has a personality that will allow him to conjure up all the campery of old while still making the role his own.”


The new 20-show series, will run from Monday to Friday in a primetime slot over four weeks later this year, and will mix iconic elements from Dale’s time with new games.

Producers are also looking for fun outgoing and dynamic pairs of couples, friends, school and work mates or family duos to take part too. To apply email: gameshow-casting@thames.tv.

While I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the original, the new-look 2019 version will certainly be a laugh.

The oldies, are, after all, always the goodies.

Images via Twitter/ITV