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Who Is Susu Nude? Get To Know Her And Her Hot Erotic Outfits


A Twitch broadcaster and social media celebrity, Susu Nude. She has been doing Twitch broadcasting for about a year. She is one of the creators on Twitch who is expanding.

Susu was born on August 6, 1991, in the United States to an American family. Her true name hasn't been made public yet.

Her zodiac sign is Leo, and she is of Mixed ethnicity. Her followers often presume that she is Filipino, although she hasn't yet proven this.

Career Of Susu

Susu Jpg has been accessible online for a while. Despite starting her Twitch channel in 2020, she had already gained a large following on social media.

In 2015, she mostly started her modeling career. On her second Instagram account, she shared images of herself modeling.

When she worked as a model, she went by the name 'swimsuitsuccubus'. Her current name is a condensed form of her name from modeling.

She was a well-known model, but many individuals plagiarized her work in order to benefit from it.

She was uncomfortable with the overall situation, which led her to stop modeling in 2019. At the moment, her modeling Instagram account has over 524k followers.

Susu Net Worth

Susu Jpg has a $350,000 net worth. Her main earning source is Twitch. She is a full-time broadcaster on Twitch and broadcasts almost daily.

She has developed a number of strategies for making money via streaming. She mostly makes money through contributions and commercials.

She also receives payment for memberships and private sponsorships. She has worked with many well-known companies, such as Blades for Babes and G-Fuel.

Susu Nude

Susu lying on a bed with a skimpy lingerie
Susu lying on a bed with a skimpy lingerie

In 2021, Susu will be 30. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 50 kilograms.

Her eyes are brown, and she has naturally black hair. She is 33-24-35 inches in height and wears size 5.5 shoes (US).

Interesting Facts About Susu You Don't Know

  • She has a cat as a pet and enjoys them.
  • On Twitch, she is a part of Team Spooky.
  • susu[at]skygate[dot]media is Susu's email address for correspondence and business.
  • She has a Tiktok account where she uploads dancing and lip-sync videos. She now has 1.7 million likes and over 271k follows.
  • There are around 10,000 users on her Reddit subreddit.
  • Her Discord server, Susquad, has close to 11.5k users.
  • She does have a Fansly account, but she solely posts SFW material there.
  • She started using Twitter in October 2019 and now has more than 443k followers and 700+ tweets.
  • Her Instagram account, which has more than 415k followers, is where she shares her beautiful pictures.

Susu Social Media Presence

On her social media accounts, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, Susu is rather active.

She has more than 268k followers on her YouTube account. She is quite active on Twitter and Instagram as well.

In 2015, Susu Jpg began her modeling career. When she was modeling, she went by the name swimsuitsuccubus.

Later, she stopped modeling and began her career as an influencer when other individuals copied her work to gain money.

People Also Ask

How Many Video Views Does Susu Have?

Susu has 37,904 video views on youtube.

How Many Subs Does Susu Have?

Susu has 6,380 subscribers.

How Much Does Susu Make Per 1000 Views?

Susu makes approximately $1.21 per 1000 views.


Susu began her modeling career in 2015. On her Instagram, she posted images of herself modeling.

Swimsuitsuccubus was the moniker by which she was known. Her present moniker is just an acronym for her modeling name.

After giving up modeling in 2019, she later joined twitch in 2020. She now has a sizable following on social media.

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