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Tater Tots Are Ready Meme - Catchphrase Of Arcade Warrior That Went Viral

'Tater tots are ready' meme is a meme you have probably read or heard about a thousand times. It is the famous intro and catchphrase of Erik Kane (Arcade Warrior).

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Tater tots are readymeme is meme you have probably seen or heard about a thousand times. It is the famous intro/catchphrase of Erik Kane (Arcade Warrior) that went viral.
The phrase "Tater Tots Are Ready!" is Erik Kane's catchphrase on the YouTube channel, Arcade Warrior.
So, if you don't follow Arcade Warrior, you might wanna know about him. Let me introduce him to you.
Tator Tots Are Ready youtube video of Arcade Warrior is given below in which he himself cooked tater tots.

Tater Tots Are Ready!

Erik Kane - Arcade Warrior Interview

Over 1.81 million people subscribe to Erik Kane's channel on YouTube, where he goes by the moniker "The Arcade Warrior."
Kane is a high-energy, Mountain Dew-drinking arcade evangelist with spikey hair.
In an interview with LaiGames in 2019, Erik answered some questions that are provided below.
LaiGames was able to snag him for a brief Spotlight interview between Mountain Dews and tater tots are ready memedespite the fact that he is always on the road demonstrating his abilities at various arcades and family entertainmentcenters around the United States and Canada.
Interviewer: Tell us a little about yourself.
Erik: My real name is Erik Kane and I am from Rochester, New York. I love movies, and sports, and my passion is filmmaking.
When the tater tots are ready text written on a happy bunny toy background
When the tater tots are ready text written on a happy bunny toy background
Interviewer: How did your love affair with arcade games begin?
Erik: I fell in love with arcade games when I was a little kid. My mom and dad would take me and my brother to Chuck E. Cheese’s. I also was fascinated with the claw machine as a kid, and would always beg my mom for some quarters to play when there was one in sight. When I was 16 I got a claw machine of my own and it’s currently in my parents’ dining room.
Interviewer: What give you the idea to start producing arcade videos on Youtube?
Erik: I was always fascinated with making my own movies and videos with my parents’ old cameras. Eventually, YouTube became a thing and I decided to start uploading videos of my own. I started out making comedy videos with my brother, and then eventually I created “Arcade Warrior” and that’s where all of my Internet success has been so far.
Interviewer: What is the deal with the tater tots?!
Erik: My catchphrase on YouTube, is “Tater Tots Are Ready!". My mom is the one who says it. I also love tater tots.
Interviewer: What is your favorite game and why?
Erik: My favorite arcade game of all time is Ms. Pac-man. I was always fascinated with Pac-Man, but my love for Ms. Pac-man started when I would spend hours playing it at one of my favorite arcades, the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls, Canada. I can average around 200,000 points on a good day.
Interviewer: Do you have a favorite arcade or a local arcade you want to give a shout out?
Erik: Rocky's Big City Arcade & Sports Bar in Buffalo NY. If that arcade didn’t exist I probably wouldn’t be making videos. I’ve filmed hundreds of videos at this specific place, so shoutout to Rocky’s and all of the staff. Best arcade in Western New York!

Kid Rages at the Candy Claw Machine

Interviewer: What is the best prize you have won?
Erik: I like winning anything that’s cartoon related. I have a huge Scooby-Doo and Betty Boop plush collection.
Interviewer: Has Mountain Dew offered you a sponsorship yet?
Erik: I’m working on it!
Interviewer: Is there anything you'd like to see manufacturers do differently for the modern arcade?
Erik: Yes, bring back more classics with a new twist.
Interviewer: What are your plans for the future of your channel?
Erik: To reach 2 million subscribers on YouTube.
In case, you don't know about tater tots and why they are so famous, I have gathered some information. Keep reading to know more.

What Are Tater Tots?

Tater tots are a registered trademark form of frozen hash browns that are produced by the Ore-Ida firm.
I give Ore-Ida credit for the extraordinary accomplishment of simultaneously popularising tater tots and giving them a poor reputation because they are responsible for making tater tots in the first place.
It's all due to the ridiculous name, really. Who among the adult population in their right mind would admit that they enjoy eating something that is so obviously designed to appeal to children?
Tater tots with a bowl of tomato sauce placed on a black wooden saucer plate
Tater tots with a bowl of tomato sauce placed on a black wooden saucer plate
They are superior to their creamy European relatives, potato croquetas, in terms of flavor due to the potato-like interior that is airy and fluffy.
They require a much higher level of expertise to prepare than a croqueta does (of the many times I've ordered house-made "Tater Tots" at various hipster restaurants, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times they were any good).
The fact that they have a big surface area and a rugged appearance contributes to the fact that they are crispier.

People Also Ask

How Do You Know When Tater Tots Are Done?

When the tots are cooked through and ready to eat, you will recognize that they are done when they have a color that is deep golden brown and an exterior crust that appears especially crunchy. Although the amount of time that is recommended for cooking can differ from one brand to another, a decent rule of thumb is to begin by adding an additional five minutes to the timer.

What Is The Meaning Of Tater Tots?

Tater tots meaning is that it is a little cylindrical chunk made of grated potatoes that is typically deep-fried. This item bears a recognized trademark.

Are Frozen Tater Tots Pre Cooked?

Tater tots frozen have already been cooked and are ready to be rewarmed and served. These tots are widely available and don't cost an excessive amount of money. Tater Tots have long been a delectable treat that many youngsters look forward to eating, but crispy tots are also a fantastic option for a side dish or an appetizer.


Have you heard about this Tater tots are ready meme? Did you like it? Let us know in the comment section below.
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