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Taylor Swift Fan Sells Raindrops From Eras Concert For $250


A Taylor Swift fan is making headlines by selling raindrops from the singer's recent Eras tour stop in Foxborough, Massachusetts. TheTaylor Swift fan sells raindrops from Eras concert for $250, attracting attention and sparking both admiration and skepticism among Swifties.

A Taylor Swift Fan Sells Raindrops From Eras Concert For $250

The listing, titled "Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch Rain," appeared on a now-deleted Facebook Marketplace post. The seller shared a screenshot of the listing on an Instagram page dedicated to Boston, showcasing tiny containers filled with clear water, which they claimed to be raindrops collected during Taylor Swift's concert at Gillette Stadium.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch Rain
Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch Rain

Taylor Swift, known for her unwavering dedication to her fans, performed despite the heavy rain that plagued the concert venue that night. In an Instagram post, she expressed gratitude to the "iconic crowd" for enduring the rain and dancing together for the entire 3.5-hour show.

The musician has become accustomed to singing in less-than-ideal weather conditions and had previously performed under pouring rain during the Eras tour in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Eras tour, announced by Taylor Swift in November of the previous year, takes fans on a journey through the various musical eras of her career. The ongoing first leg of the tour is scheduled to run from March 18 to August 5 at stadiums across the United States, with international dates soon to be announced.

Upon seeing the raindrops for sale, fans took to social media to share their thoughts. Some marveled at the singer's impact, jokingly asking whether the raindrops were from the floor seats or the balcony.

Taylor Swift fans try to sell jars of rain water from ‘Eras’ concert

Others deemed the price fair for a unique piece of Taylor Swift memorabilia, while some referred to the raindrops as "holy water."

However, a few fans expressed skepticism, considering the listing a scam and criticizing anyone who would purchase the jars as "ridiculous" or "stupid."

Taylor Swift's commitment to her fans was evident as she continued performing despite the downpour. She shared several pictures of herself drenched in rain on social media, referring to the relentless rain as a "deluge that never let up." For the pop superstar, singing in adverse weather conditions has become a bonding experience with her audience.

This is something we're all doing together. It's like such a bonding experience. We're all gonna leave here tonight looking like we just went through five car washes.- Taylor Swift, Eras Concert Tour

The sale of raindrops from Taylor Swift's concert is a testament to her dedicated and passionate fanbase. While opinions on the listing may vary, it undoubtedly sparks conversations and showcases the lengths some fans are willing to go to own a unique piece of memorabilia associated with their beloved artist.


In conclusion, the Taylor Swift fan's sale of raindrops from the Eras concert demonstrates the devotion and enthusiasm of Swifties. With a starting price of $250, the listing attracted attention and evoked both awe and skepticism among fans.

Taylor Swift's ability to perform in adverse weather conditions has become a defining characteristic of her concerts, fostering a sense of unity and shared experience with her dedicated audience.

Whether viewed as an extraordinary keepsake or dismissed as an unusual purchase, the sale of these raindrops serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Taylor Swift's musicon her fans.

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