Teen Girl’s Cheek Left Hanging Off After Former Friend Bites Her Face In Nightclub

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Published 09.10.19
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I’ve heard of feuding friends but this is ridiculous.

I don’t care how upset you are with your mate you don’t go around biting them – no matter how hungry you are.

In all seriousness though this is a horrific incident, an incident which saw a young girl attack a former friend in a nightclub, biting her face so hard part of her cheek was left hanging off.

Vicious stuff.

Kyra Strachan was at a nightclub in Dundee, Scotland, with a group of friends in February when Danielle Gaffar allegedly approached her from behind and attacked her.

The Daily Record reports that the two former friends were 18 at the time and had fallen out over Gaffar’s ex-boyfriend, who had since started going out with Kyra.

It’s always over boys isn’t it?

Take it from me girls, we genuinely aren’t worth it. We’re useless creatures.

Prosecutor Kirsten Letford told Dundee Sheriff Court said Kyra had been dancing inside Aura nightclub when she was attacked from behind and pulled to the ground, before her head was smashed into the ground several times.

Although she was caught unawares by the attack, Kyra managed to get her bearings and and realised it was Gaffer.

The prosecutor told the court that while Kyra’s friends attempted to intervene, Gaffar put her arm around the victim’s throat and restricted her breathing.

‘The accused then bit her on the right cheek,’ Mrs Letford added.

An ambulance was soon called as Gaffer was thrown out of the nightclub, with Kyra requiring eight stitches to her face to repair the damage. Sadly, however, the damage will leave permanent scarring as it was a ‘significant’ wound.

Kyra shared images to social media to show the extent of her injuries and man they are severe.

Gaffar, now 19, pleaded guilty to assaulting Kyra and to causing her severe injury and permanent disfigurement, and is facing a jail sentence.

The 19-year-old will be sentenced on October 31st.

God knows what’s going on with all this violence at the moment.

Just last month we saw a month randomly stab a child in the eye in an unprovoked attack, while a boy was suspended from school after fighting back against a girl bully who kept hitting him.

Then you’ve got these clowns fighting with a dead pigeon.

The world’s gone mad I tells you.

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