Teenager Awkwardly Mistakes Girlfriend’s Thermometer For Positive Pregnancy Test

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Published 11.02.19
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I don’t know whether you’ve ever had a pregnancy scare (if you haven’t I hope you never do) but they are truly terrifying experiences.

It starts off in your head as this tiny little thing that probably isn’t true and then you start to overthink and suddenly your world comes crashing down on you. Not that having kids is the end of the world but for me at my current stage in life it would be the end of the world.

I really don’t want children.

Even the simple act of doing a pregnancy test is ridiculously alien, especially for us guys who are pretty much useless when it comes to this stuff anyway.

You pee on which end? You want it positive? Negative? It’s a mind f*ck.

I say this because one teenager has mistaken his girlfriend’s thermometer reading with a positive pregnancy test, and honestly, it’s something I’d do too.

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18-year-old Izaak Torres from Cosa Mesa, California, has gone viral for freaking out when his girlfriend, Venessa, sent him a photo of a digital thermometer that showed a reading of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Accompanying her photo were the words “holy f***”.

Izaak promptly fired off a string of worried messages saying things such as “How” and “WTF”.

He added: “You’re on birth control.


Eventually he became aware of what Vanessa’s photo actually was, telling Buzzfeed that he “felt like a dumbass” when he cottoned on to his mistake.

They do look alarmingly similar, I’ll give him that.

Thankfully his girlfriend saw the funny side of the situation and she decided to share it with the good people of Twitter .

The tweet quickly went viral with over 31,000 retweets and more than 174,000 likes, with plenty of people trolling him.

In his defence I think it’s quite an easy mistake to make.

I said quite.

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