Teenagers Fill Their Car With Koalas To Save Them From The Bushfires

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 07.01.20

A car full of koalas has gone viral after teenagers made an effort to save the marsupials from the raging bushfires in Australia.

I mentioned it earlier and it’s true; saving koalas has really become a thing right now. Of course this has everything to do with the devastating fires making their way through Australia and the koalas being the unfortunate collateral damage, but it goes without saying that other species have been affected too.


With the fires showing no sign of subsiding and everyone – as long as their not involved in their government – trying their utmost to counter the damage, people have been going viral in their bids to help the wildlife survive as their habitats are destroyed.

This mostly means koalas as it’s that particular species that seem to be the hardest hit, and recently a number of them were saved by two young men and their car.


19-year-old Micah and 18-year-old Caleb are the men in question who estimate that they saved around 20 koalas in their car, as the patrolled Kangaroo Island – were approximately 20,000 koalas have been killed – looking for marsupials that needed help.

Six of the koalas the pair managed to save were orphaned, while another two were mothers with children, and the young men plan to look after them until they’re healthy enough to return to the wild.

Micah and Caleb had criteria for the animals they saved, looking to only help the ones that looked like they couldn’t help themselves. This meant that they mainly picked up young koalas that couldn’t make it alone, as well as those with injuries from the fires.


They say that when they were out there, they saw the devastating effects of the fires, including hundreds of dead koalas and other animals found on Kangaroo Island.

Sadly, along with the 60% of koalas they saw being dead according to the young men, one fifth of the animals they saved died the next day, having succumbed to their injuries.

The video chronicling the heroics was shared on Reddit by a cousin of Caleb and Micah, who captioned it:

Amid the terrible bushfires in Australia, my cousins went out and saved as many koalas as they could. Good on ’em.


Meanwhile, in New South Wales, horrific images the chilling scenes of burnt animal corpses lining the road of Batlow; one of the areas worst hit by the infernos over the weekend.


The carcasses are lined along the road, showing the devastation of the area, with fallen trees and downed power lines.


Posting footage of the remains in Batlow, ABCcameramatt said:

Absolutely gut wrenching drive into Batlow this morning. Never seen anything like it.

It’s completely heartbreaking. Worst thing I’ve seen. Story must be told.


Experts fear a billion animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and insects have died in the bushfires, according to Sky News.

Absolutely heartbreaking. Something needs to be done and fast.

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