Teenager’s Lungs Collapse After Vaping For A Year

Christopher LambChristopher Lamb in News, World
Published 08.08.19

It’s no secret that smoking kills, that’s why there’s pictures everywhere of clogged up lungs or stroke victims on every packet of cigarettes you buy.

The introduction of the e-cigarette was seen as a “healthy” alternative to this, however one teen’s experience proves different.

A Florida teen, Chance Ammirata supposedly smoked one Juul pod (an e-liquid cartridge) every couple of days and claims the chemicals they contained almost killed him. Apparently, that’s roughly the same as “10 cigarettes worth of nicotine a day” – which is definitely a lot by my reckoning – which is why he’s urging people to stay away from them.

Initially, Chance started experiencing “side pains” while struggling to sleep.


It escalated to the point where he felt as though he had a heart attack, which came just a week after finding out what he thought was a muscle strain was actually serious lung damage.

Chance told the Mail Online:

“It felt like my chest was collapsing”.

All of this naturally ended up with him in hospital.

He continued, saying that: “Seven surgeons came in, and it’s scary when you see seven surgeons come in. You think they’re going to tell you you have like five days to live.”

Chance believes 100% that these were caused by the Juul pods as he has claimed to have never “smoked cigarettes”.


Regardless, he was told by doctors that a hole was found in his left lung, causing the lung collapse. The process of fixing the hole sounds just as grim, as it involves a tube being inserted into the lung and inflated while lung repair can take place.

Chance added: “When they did the actual major surgery to reinflate my lungs, the surgeon said, ‘Whatever you’ve been smoking has been leaving these black dots on your lungs’.”

Chance took to Twitter to warn those against “Juuling” as he calls it, now that he’s been told by doctors he will not be able to scuba dive again and he should stop cross country running.


He wrote: “You thought Juuls were safe, so did I. The black dots on my lungs are all reminiscence of Juuling. I’ve been doing it for a year and a half and can never do it again.

“You really shouldn’t either. I know how hard it is to change someone’s mind who’s addicted because I was too.

“And I don’t think anyone could have said anything to make me stop. But your lungs most likely look like this too if you’ve been smoking. Don’t let it get worse. Please stop. Like really please, it’s so f***ing scary.”

It seems to me that e-cigarettes are becoming more and more common but that may also mean an increase in situations such as this. After all, it is deemed a more healthy alternative to normal smoking, then again people thought ‘old fashioned’ smoking was healthy until people mysteriously started dropping dead soon after their daily dose of Lambert And Butler..

Moral of this story is don’t smoke, stay in school and…well you get the idea.

Images via Instagram/Chance Ammirata