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Tentacle Dildos - The Most Intriguing Experience Of 2023


Reasons abound for why someone would choose not to use a dildo that looks like a biological penis, whether owing to gender identity, a history of trauma, personal-pleasure-product preferences, or anything else.

But did you know that non-realistic-looking dildos come in a lot more colors and patterns than the conventional rainbow-striped or hot-pink dildos?

Some of them even resemble tentacles. Yes, you read it correctly: tentacle dildos have arrived and are ready to entertain you.

Many people in the kink, cosplay, science fiction, fantasy, and gaming communities enjoy tentacle dildos because they allow for more fanciful play in the bedroom.

"You may use tentacle dildos to replicate a scene from a comic, manga, or anime," adds Ana Valens, a kink, sex work, and queer eroticism writer who founded the Not Safe For Who? newsletter.

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You may even think that your sexual partner has tentacles that he or she is utilizing to please you.

The Reason You Should Use A Tentacle Shaped Dildo

A Tentacle Dildo
A Tentacle Dildo

Simply said, they bring a feeling of fun into the sack. "Tentacle dildos enable individuals to re-imagine how penetration occurs and to think about sex toys in new ways," Valens explains.

"They demonstrate that penetration does not require the presence of a cisgender man, nor does it require the penetration of a genuine, human being to be considered penetration."

As a result, using a tentacle dildo can be affirming for queer people who have long been told that only P-in-V intercourse between a cisgender, heterosexual man and a cisgender, heterosexual woman "counts" (which is, to be clear, far from the case).

Physically, being pierced by a tentacle dildo may be pleasant since most have textured suckers that run the length of their body, similar to those found on an octopus arm.

These nubs, when put internally, can massage and stimulate your nerve-dense interior tissues in a different way than a smooth toy, tongue, or hand, according to Marla Renee Stewart, a sex expert for Lovers, an adult health brand and shop.

Tentacle dildos may be used for more than simply penetrative play. "You may use them to fondle or caress your erogenous zones," Valens explains, recommending pressing the rough bumps against nipples, butt cheeks, vulvas, penis-heads, and other areas.

Tentacles Are Not New To The Bedroom

Four Examples Of Tentacle Dildos
Four Examples Of Tentacle Dildos

Even though tentacle dildos are new to you, they're not new to the sex scene in general. Tentacle porn has been around for a long time, as a form of hentai, a Japanese style of cartoon eroticism.

The Fantastical Pull of Tentacle Porn, by certified sex educator Cameron Glover, sex education business coach and owner of Sex Ed Business Academy, explains that the earliest-known instance of tentacle porn originated in shunga, an erotic form of Japanese woodblock carving popularized by 18th and 19th century artists such as Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

Intrigued? Here’s How To Introduce Tentacle Dildos Into The Bedroom

Three Tentacle Dildos Of Different Dimensions
Three Tentacle Dildos Of Different Dimensions

When it comes to partnered play, it's always preferable to introduce a new toy in a neutral place outside of the bedroom, Stewart explains.

Anywhere, including the kitchen, a car, or a park, can work well. When you get there, start saying affirming things to your spouse because, according to Stewart, "positive reinforcement might make your partner feel more open-minded."

Next, explain why you want to try something new (in this example, a tentacle dildo). You should also ask your spouse to express their thoughts on the subject.

"I enjoy it when we role play together," you may remark, "and after seeing hentai porn, I was thinking it might be great to act out a scene where you're an octopus and I'm a mermaid."

Another method to start a discussion is to bring up this article. "I saw an article on tentacle dildos that made them sound like a very fun way to play together," for example. Is it possible for me to provide you the link?"

Sinnovator's Dagon Tentacle [22.5” Custom Colors]

People Also Ask

Why Someone Might Want To Use A Tentacle Shaped Dildo?

Simply said, they bring a feeling of fun into the sack. "Tentacle dildos enable individuals to re-imagine how penetration occurs and to think about sex toys in new ways," Valens explains.

"They demonstrate that penetration does not require the presence of a cisgender man, nor does it require the penetration of a genuine, human being to be considered penetration."

Aithne Feay, a data journalist and storyteller who owns a tentacle dildo, is a Vox alumnus.

Tentacles, she believes, are appealing because they combine numerous fetishes: they're not just a phallic surrogate, but they're also "simultaneously terrestrial and alien."

In part because tentacles link to BDSM-like power transfers and anthropomorphic play in the furry community, attributing the attractiveness to hentai alone is a misconception.

Where Can I Get A Tentacle Dildo?

Dildos aren't the only tentacle sex toys available. Primal Hardwere sells a variety of tentacle-themed toys, including the Shokushu, a smooth, silicone tentacle that is three feet long and is ideal for groping and stroking.

The Tonguetacle, for example, has a tongue-like tentacle with "sublingual veins and mild rough texture."

Then there's the Petunia, a fleshlight in the shape of a tentacle's jaws. Uberrime also sells a third-party tentacle sleeve for the We-Vibe Tango mini-vibrator, which, while built for the We-Vibe, "may contain other little vibes too," according to Uberrime.

What Is Tentacle Porn?

Tentacles are also a flexible idea (no pun intended). They may be employed as shackles, aggressive fondling appendages, limbs that can push or drag a submissive, or penetrative appendages that can finger and fuck any hole in bondage.

Then there's the anthropomorphic side, as Feay mentioned: Tentacles have a lot of appeal if you're like monster ladies who can hold you in place and abuse you without lifting a finger.


A Cartoon Depiction Of Tentacles
A Cartoon Depiction Of Tentacles

Start with a little toy if this is your first time with a dildo. As previously said, many of these dildos have tiny versions for beginners, and you should be able to find one that suits you.

Furthermore, remember to apply lubes every time you use the dildo. Finally, remember to carefully clean the dildo before and after each session. Check out this site for additional tentacle dildos to tempt you to buy one and test it out.

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