Terrifying Moment Mother’s Amazing Reflexes Stop Her Child Falling Down Four-Storey Balcony

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 25.06.19
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Heart-stopping footage shows the moment a mother saved her child’s life as it nearly suffered a four-storey fall.

Getting out of the lift, CCTV footage shows the mother and her son waiting by the door for the Monserrate construction company’s office in the Laureles Colonial building in Medellín, Colombia, when disaster nearly struck.

The son can be seen wandering around the landing whilst his mother is on the phone when he approaches the balcony. Looking down, he then appears to fall through the railing.

With lightning fast reactions, the mother manages to get the the ground and catch her son’s leg before he fell completely, likely saving his life.

The footage is genuinely stomach-churning.

Simply amazing reactions there and it’s unthinkable what may have happened if the mother wasn’t so fast on her feet.

At this stage, it’s unknown whether anyone was injured in the incident.

People can be seen rushing to the scene to help the woman pull her son up, with a delivery driver also rushing down the stairs in case the child fell and he could retrieve him.

mother saves child falling

The general consensus with the clip is that of praise for the mother and her reactions, though a few believe that if she were paying more attention to her child instead of her phone, the drama could have been avoided altogether.

Meanwhile, a few think that the woman has very sturdy ground on which to sue whoever was responsible for the ridiculously unsafe railing.

It’s hard to disagree with the latter point. Someone needs to be made an example of so more accidents like this don’t happen.

Images via Twitter