Terrifying Moment Toddler Walks Along Fourth Floor Apartment Ledge

AvatarHannah Humphreys in News, World
Published 08.01.20

Footage of a toddler has gone viral, capturing the heart-stopping moment the child climbs out of a fourth-floor window and scurries along an open ledge back and forth.

Police are now attempting to track the young girl’s parents who were residing in the apartment at Playa Paraíso, in Adeje, Tenerife.


Parents and individuals across the world have since been sharing the video on various social media platforms in utter disbelief.

Video captions and reports have suggested the parents were having a shower at the time the child made her exit out of the window and onto the ledge.



It is thought that the child’s family were holidaymakers from Finland, but it is not known if they have since flown home.

The video shows the child nonchalantly pacing back and forth along the ledge somewhat carelessly as she appears to trip and lose footing on her return to the window.

A caption alongside the video says: “OMG! This toddler managed to climb out of this building window whilst the parents were taking a shower.

“This apparently happened over the weekend at a property in Playa Paraiso, Tenerife!.”


Thousands of people have commented on the post, with many criticising the parents for allowing it to happen.

One comment read: “If you were on holiday with little ones in an apartment would you not surely leave one parent watching whilst the other had a shower???”.

While another added: “We have all turned our backs for 2 mins sure. But in an apartment and you were taking a shower surely you would be extra secure with locks on doors and windows due to the obvious added danger”.

But another argues you cannot judge the parenting until you know the true facts.

“How does anybody know there were two parents there. I’m sure the parent/parents thought the window/door was closed. Whilst this could have been very tragic, let’s not judge unless we know the whole story and just be glad the little one is OK”.


The video has since been shared over 14,000 times with over 12,000 comments on Facebook.

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