Gears of War film is being pitched by Dave Bautista and Terry Crews as the pair keep pushing to get the title made.

First being published in 2006 by Epic Games – the people who made Fortnite – Gears of War gained a pretty big following all the way to its latest release three years ago, in 2016.

Like most video games that garner more attention than the rest, a lot of die hard fans became obsessed with the idea of an onscreen adaptation, primarily wanting a film above all else.


Like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the call never really died away – people just love an OTT exoskeleton and body armour – and various different production companies have tried and failed to get the ball running.

terry crews gears of war movie

But now Gears of War has something that most potential films that can’t get off the ground never did; an interested coupe of leads who carry star power.

Yes Dave Bautista who you’ll know best from WWE or Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy is very insistent that the film needs to be made and so is Terry Crews, who you’ll know from being a great guy.


Bautista has already stated on Twitter that he’s tried everything to get the film made, saying:

He says “and the could give AF,” but I’m not actually sure what that means. You see, if you could give a f*ck, that means you’re interested, but it’s quite common in the American vernacular to drop that “n’t” at the end of “couldn’t”. So yeah, I’m unsure whether or not they could or couldn’t give AF.


Terry Crews then weighed in, responding to a fan who was more than interested in having him star alongside Bautista in the title, tweeting that he liked the idea, before reiterating that point in another tweet…


That would be pretty spectacular casting, to be fair, with people saying Bautista was born to play Marcus Fenix and Crews would be an excellent Cole Train.

Make this happen, people.

Maybe if we all pull together, we could fund this thing. How much have you got in your bank account? I’m in my overdraft so we’re currently on minus money.

How much does it cost to make a film? I’m Googling it now. About $150 million. God we’re miles away.

Images via Epic Games, Twitter