Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs Are Now A Thing

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Published 02.01.20

Tesco launches Terry’s Chocolate Orange mini eggs ahead of Easter

WARNING: January dieters, read on with caution.


Terry’s Chocolate Orange is not just for Christmas

Before anyone comes for me for writing the world ‘Easter’ in an article on 2nd January, you should know that I’m a hundred percent with you on this one and absolutely adore moaning about the premature arrival of seasonal treats and customs.

But I have a clause when discussing Terry’s Chocolate Orange, I’m afraid.

Terry's Chocolate Orange

That clause is: I can talk about – and eat – Terry’s Chocolate Orange all year round, simply because it’s a f**king sensational masterpiece of chocolate. Plus, once again, I’ve been given enough of it over Christmas by family members who literally know nothing about me, to last me ’till next Christmas, so I have to love it, really.

I’m not even using journalistic flair and grossly exaggerating; there’s a whole bloody chocolate orangery under the Christmas tree I’m yet to take down.


Terry’s Chocolate Orange mini eggs are now a thing

Right, now that’s all cleared up, let’s focus on the happy news that brought us here and has potentially saved everyone on God’s green Earth from the scabby month that is January: Terry’s Chocolate Orange mini eggs are now a thing. It’s like Christmas all over again, isn’t it? Such egg-citement.

The Sun has reported that Tesco is exclusively selling Terry’s Chocolate Orange – affirming my theory that Terry’s Chocolate Orange is not just for Christmas – mini eggs ahead of Easter. The news seems to have hatched over on the NewFoodsUK Instagram page, where the post has racked up over 7,000 likes from egg-static chocolate lovers.


Pictures of the new miniature tasty treats have since been doing the rounds online and have revealed that each individual mini chocolate egg is coated in a crunchy orange shell.


Stock up while you can – Easter is just around the corner

Tesco has been fairly hush-hush about the release of these mini mouth-waterers – which is truly bonkers to me – so we don’t know how long they’ll be in store for, sadly. That being said, we can make a sensible guess that they’ll be hanging around until Easter, which this year falls on 12th April.


Oh, and here’s the crème de la crème of this sensational news – bags of Terry’s Chocolate Orange mini eggs are being sold for just £1 in Tesco. ONE POUND.

The sh**test week of the year just got that little bit sweeter. Thanks, Tesco and thanks, Terry. You absolute babes.


FYI, those eggs jokes are only going to get worse as The Hook closer and closer to Easter. I’m saving the absolute crackers until April. 

Images via Reddit and Newfoodsuk/Instagram