Tesco Is Launching Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts As Part Of Its New Christmas Menu

Olivia MulliganOlivia Mulligan in Uncategorised
Published 16.08.19

The time is already fast approaching where we look forward to a visit from the chubby guy in a red suit, and there’s always some nutter on your Facebook sharing pictures telling you how many Fridays are left until Christmas.

However, despite it being the most calorie-filled and expensive holiday of the year, we all look forward to it.

Now, if you’re a part of the kind of family who makes a whopping big food shopping list of Christmas food and drink to buy like mine (which you are explicitly required NOT to touch until the time is right), you might be interested in adding something a little more quirky to the list this year.

Tesco’s are launching deep fried Brussels sprouts to stores this Christmas, and while they may not be the thing you look forward to most for Christmas dinner, they still might be worth a try.

We Brits seem to love frying various foodstuffs, which seemed to really kick off after the arrival of the infamous battered Mars Bar.

While some of these quirky inventions automatically make your face contort in repulsion, they still seem to be a growing trend on the food market.

And how do we make something taste better? We deep fry it!

To those who are a lover of the veg, this will be a welcomed addition to their Christmas dinner…or lunch… or whatever your geographical region says you call it.

Even better, they are vegan and vegetarian friendly, meaning those so inclined will be able to enjoy (or hate) them too!

At £3 a bag, they’re worth it to spruce (or sprout-up) your Christmas meal this year.

However, as with everything topical in British culture, the new Tesco product has already divided opinions on social media.

One Facebook user commented “Game changed forever!”, clearly a welcoming fan of the product.

Other users simply couldn’t pretend their game was changed however, with another user commenting “Dress them up all you like I still can’t eat them. I have tried”.

The brussels sprouts bites, which are set to drop in stores and online from Monday, 9th December, also feature alongside their mozzarella and pesto arancini balls, £3.

The supermarket is also launching crunchy barbacoa beef tacos or prawn roses, which launch online and in-store from October, as well as three different types of pigs in blankets; chicks in blankets, made with British chicken sausages, chorizo style pig in blankets as well as a stuffing wreath with pigs in blankets and cranberry compote.

They also have a new festive antipasti and cheese that includes Italian prosciutto infused with black truffle and a ‘Create Your Own Drunken Cheese’ – a White Stilton designed to be steeped in alcohol before serving.

There’s also brandy-infused mince pies, passionfruit cheesecake squares and Christmas tree chocolate pots.

It really is Christmas come early!

Images via Tesco