Many will remember Harry Potter receiving his invisibility cloak on Christmas morning, and they can now recreate similar memories with an offer from Tesco.

The official replica by Warner Bros. has had its price slashed in half, going from £30 to £15. This will be an essential gift for Harry Potter fans and an important buy for those who are attempting to collect the fabled Deathly Hallows.

Before fans get too excited it should be noted that the cloak does not grant the user true invisibility. However, it does have some cool features that may tempt Tesco shoppers.

The listing for the item states:

“[This] official Warner Bros. licensed Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak with magical app effects [lets you] save photos or videos to your smartphone or tablet’s camera roll for instant recall.

“The cloak features movie-accurate detailing with green silk style interior in reference to the movie prop on display at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London [and] the Wow! Stuff app [is] included free and authenticated with your purchase, [which] allows you to recreate iconic scenes from the Harry Potter films or make new ones of your own.

“View, photograph, or film yourself through the app on your smartphone or tablet (not included) and save the images and videos to your camera roll.

“Your family and friends won’t believe their eyes.”

It seems that this item will allow Harry Potter fans to be as close to invisible as possible and may help create some fun photographs. Who knows, some fans may even be able to collect the other Deathly Hallows become the Master of Death.

With that said, for most this will just be a fun item to pose with!

Featured image credits: Warner Bros. & Tesco Ltd.