Tesco Launches New ‘Cursed’ Blackberry Gin For Halloween And It’s Perfect With Prosecco

Sofi SheppardSofi Sheppard in News, UK
Published 02.10.19

A ‘cursed’ blackberry gin has arrived in Tesco stores just in time for the spooky season!

Even the bottle is vampire-esque… And the liquid inside is PURPLE! (My fave colour in case you didn’t guess). Plus I reckon this blackberry gin would be delicious especially because Vodka, Blackcurrant squash and lemonade is my go-to bev.

This spooky concoction does come with a scary story though, because *apparently* legend says that the devil himself once cursed the bramble bush in a fit of rage after landing on its prickly thorns.


Since that day, it’z believed that nobody should consume anything from a bramble bush after September 29th, but this un-phased gin company is inviting people to fight the power and break the curse by consuming their new gin flavour with a range of different mixers.

Tesco’s website says the fruity gin is “perfect with tonic or in a glass of prosecco“, or lemonade for us non-usual gin drinkers.

The 37.5 per cent gin has been named “the sister to Wildcat’s original gin,” Gin of the Night and the company says it is a “darker thornier sister”. How very Halloween-esque!


At £26 for a 70cl bottle, you can get your claws on this gin on the Tesco or Amazon websites, or even in Tesco stores for us old-fashioned people who still shop in stores. Or even in selected bars across the country, so we can take the Halloween fever to the clubs and pubs!

Kenny Nicolson, Wildcat Gin Brand Manager said:

“What better way to break an ancient curse than to drink a delicious gin cocktail? Wildcat Bramble is the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore a different side of gin.”


And to top it all off, the Wildcat Brand is asking customers to upload pics of themselves with their gin mixes with the hashtag “#WildcatBramble” to be in with a chance of winning an exclusive, limited edition Bramble Box, which will hold goodies including gin, mixers and a glass to drink it from too.

Luckily for us gin lovers, you can also get blackberry flavoured Beefeater gin, which promises to taste delightful with hints of juniper and citrus, including a “long, rich finish”.

You can get your hands on the good stuff at your local Tesco, or online for just £18.99 for a 700ml bottle. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a great deal to me considering Beefeaters standard dry gin is £14 for 700ml.

So if you’re brave enough, get down to Tesco’s and grab yourself a bottle as a Halloween treat *insert evil laugh*.