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Thai Couples Urged To Practice "Safe Pandemic Sex"


Thai couples urged to practice "safe pandemic sex."Let's admit it! It is normal to make love on Valentine's Day. But there is a particular government that imposes strange instructions regarding safe-sex practices. Wearing face masks and avoiding "face-to-face sex" are examples of such precautions.

According to a local report, the infection rate of COVID-19 is quickly escalating in Thailand at the moment, with 13,760 new cases reported on average each day. Moreover, the number of daily coronavirus cases in the Southeast Asian tourism hub has nearly doubled in the last two weeks, from around 8,000 at the start of the month.

Although they recognize that people engage in sexual activity on other days, health officials are concerned that February 14 will worsen the trend. Bunyarit Sukrat, director of the Bureau of Reproductive Health, has cautioned the public that catching COVID is possible through close-contact breathing and salivary exchange during intercourse. Sukrat stated:

Covid isn't a sexually transmitted disease, but catching Covid is possible through close-contact breathing and exchanging saliva. If possible, wearing face masks while having sex can help reduce Covid risks.- Bunyarit Sukrat, director of the Bureau of Reproductive Health

He suggested that couples do antigen testing before going on dates to avoid spreading the infection to their partners. They have also been encouraged to avoid "face-to-face sex positions and intense kissing" and to take contraception if they want to avoid unexpected pregnancies.

To limit the potential transmission of infection, authorities encouraged anyone going out on Valentine's Day to wear masks and maintain social distancing at home, particularly among the elderly and those with chronic illnesses. This is not the first time the government has issued strange guidelines on sex. The Thai government has previously recommended couples engage in "Covid-safe" sex.

In August of last year, the Department of Health issued a "safe sex" recommendation that emphasized avoiding "face-to-face" positions as well as saliva and other secretions. Due to a lack of vaccines and quick antigen test kits (ATKs), Dr. Suwanchai Wattayingcharoen, who was in charge of the department at the time, told the Bangkok Post that people should wear face masks and avoid facing their partners during sex.

Since the COVID-19 scenario has altered and sexual activity between partners appears to be safer, he stated that ATK testing should be sufficient for fully vaccinated individuals.

Romantic Ideas On Valentines Day

A couple is holding a heart sign and a light bulb
A couple is holding a heart sign and a light bulb

If you are scared to catch the COVID-19 virus when making love to your partner on the day of Valentine's, you may consider the following tips and ideas to make that day romantic. If you want to surprise your loved one with something unforgettable, you'll need to start making preparations in advance. Maybe you have no idea what to do or where to start.

You want this year's Valentine's Day to be completely different from the last, and you know that chocolate and roses are just too predictable.

Breakfast In Bed

Why not start your Valentine's Day by doing breakfast in bed? The most important meal of the day is breakfast. And sometimes it's the most romantic. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed, whether it's the morning after your first sleepover together (yay! ), your wedding anniversary, or just a normal Sunday.

When someone wants to show their appreciation, they often bring them breakfast in bed when they wake up.

Dancing Slowly To Your Song

Is it just me, or does everyone have a song that takes them back to the first time they fell in love? Do you remember how holding hands made you both feel both anxious and safe at the beginning of your relationship?

The first time you hugged or kissed someone, or even fought over something trivial. Those were the best days, for sure. Reconnect with them through slow dancing to your song.

Spend Some Quality Time Together By Getting Massages

These days, one of the most popular services at high-end spas is a couple's massage. Nothing beats snuggling up next to your significant other in the lap of luxury. If a full-body massage sounds too intense, maybe you'd enjoy a relaxing foot massage instead. The two of you can also learn to offer each other sensual massages to relax and bond.

Final Words

Thai couples urged to practice "safe pandemic sex" because health officials are extremely concerned about the recent increase in reported instances of COVID. They have begun advising the public to take preventative measures and Valentine's Day will not be an exception to this. Most of us are getting ready to spend Valentine's Day with our special someone, but it looks like the government in Thailand has some very different plans.

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