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Thai Cult Got Arrested Because He Told His Followers To Consume His Excreta


Thai cult got arrested because he told his followers to consume his waste - Police and occupants in the Isaan territory of Chaiyaphum, along with Thai media, have attacked the 'secret' make-shift compound of a religion concealed in a rice paddy field after one victim whined that the clique chief "imprisoned followers" and encouraged them to "consume human waste".

Thai media revealed information about the news in which the Thai cult got arrested because he told his followers to consume his waste and that 11 unidentified carcasses were seen inside the compound, and the religion's chief said “those bodies were waiting to go to heaven”.

Mor Pla or Doctor Pla, a Thai online entertainment powerhouse that helps inhabitants track down bizarre strict practices, factions, or priests with improper practices, got a report from a female victim that her mom had been attracted to joining the cult.

A group of Thai people sitting in an area
A group of Thai people sitting in an area

The 53-year-old victim let him know that her kid mother lived with the organization for a year and "acted oddly" like she was being "programmed."

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/thai-cult-got-arrested-because-he-told-his-followers-to-consume-his-waste/ by Xander Oddity on 2022-05-20T03:23:51.513Z

She said that her mom lived respectively with different supporters and the faction's chief was named "Joseph," who professed to be a "father".

She guaranteed that the pioneer baited the supporters to consume his waste - excrement, pee, skin chips, salivation, and cigarette butts, asserting that everything could fix each illness.

She let the media know that her mom lived there for a year and was stunned subsequent to visiting her mom and was informed that she was cleaning up with the "pioneer's spit and eating scurf".

She let her little girl know that there were 11 supporters' bodies inside the compound.

One devotee let the little girl know that "those cadavers were standing by to go to paradise".

The faction devotee added that anybody who gave themselves to the "father" couldn't return home or leave the compound regardless of whether they had passed on.

Mor Pla Thailand, different occupants in the close by local area, Thai media, and state specialists attacked the compound and conversed with both the pioneer and order devotees.

A 64-year-old supporter let the media know that his mom's body was in the compound as well.

He told that the bodies were "fine" and they delivered no terrible stench.

“Sometimes they smelled like jasmine… they used the lymph from these corpses to wash their faces believing it was a magic treatment to cure them of everything.”

The order chief was accounted for to be either Natee or Joseph and he didn't have a family name.

He clarified for Mor Pla and the media that he had never advised or constrained his supporters to consume his waste.

He said those did have faith in his "abilities".

Police arresting the Thai cult leader
Police arresting the Thai cult leader

One among the 11 cadavers was a one-year-old who couldn't be distinguished.

The nearby local area pioneer, Amporn Chanratnaew, cleared up for media that the other 10 carcasses, aside from the child, were accounted for to the specialists "as indicated by Thai regulation".

Notwithstanding, she and different locals had no clue that every one of the cadavers was covered up and didn't realize that there was a community inside the rice field.

A Reddit user, frashg95, shared his information about this weird and gross Thai post that the most wtf in this article is the reaction from the police/specialists, the cult will fundamentally keep on living on and do as they wish, and noted that the leader just got charged for not wearing a mask.

And furthermore, how is all that occurrence on government land? He means he is not entirely certain in the event that he saw appropriately however they said the rice field they were situated on was government property right?

So, frashg95 thought to gather more information about the police's behavior and this is what he got.

The land where the community was found was a public region with no proprietor.

8 dead bodies wrapped in a white cloth placed on ground
8 dead bodies wrapped in a white cloth placed on ground

The Provincial Governor, Kraisorn Kongchalard, later visited the compound to exhort the clique chief about cleanliness and cautioned supporters not to easily believe in all that they were being told.

The lead representative said the "leader" would be at first charged for abusing the Disease Control Act on the grounds that nobody wore masks.

Have a look at some Thai customs and beliefs to check whether all are as gross and inhumane or not.

Thai Customs And Beliefs

As indicated by the way of life in Thailand, the Thai locals consider feet as messy, metaphorically, and in a real sense.

In this way, pointing one's feet at someone else is ill-advised.

Then again, the head is viewed as the most perfect piece of the body.

In this way, touching anybody's head is not allowed or not accepted by Thai people.

People Also Ask

What Is Unique About Thai Culture?

Thai families are limited by customs with a long history. Thai individuals welcome each other with a wai (squeezing their palms together as they bow or dip) to show regard. Thais attempt to live with a Jai yen (a cool heart), so it's exceptional to see them communicating outrageous feelings.

What Are Thai Families Like?

The general design of Thai families is male-centric, with the family conceding to the most established living man. Frequently, a few ages will live under a similar rooftop, and grandparents, aunties, and more seasoned kin will assist with bringing up a kid.

Why Can't You Touch A Thai Person's Head?

In Thailand, the head is considered hallowed and the cleanest piece of the body, so contacting individuals' heads or hair is considered hostile. Assuming you goof and do this accidentally, apologize in a hurry and you'll find most Thais will rapidly pardon you for it.


Different punishments would be considered for the Thai cult got arrested because he told his followers to consume his waste after the post-mortem examinations of the cadavers were finished and a full examination concerning the infringement of public land.

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