You can’t go wrong with one of these failsafe festive films.

Whether your tree is up already or not, get cosy on the sofa and forget about the outside world for a while with one of these.

1) It’s A Wonderful Life

This had to be at number one, it’s a timeless classic for a reason. The premise doesn’t sound particularly heartwarming on the surface, but it ends up being a tear-jerker that makes you grateful for many things and is truly life-affirming. Jimmy Stewart initially said no to the role as he had just come back from being a pilot in the War and wanted to do a comedy.

2) The Muppet Christmas Carol

Who’d have thought that the likes of Kermit and Miss Piggy would work so beautifully with the classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, played brilliantly by Michael Caine. He reportedly vowed to act “like I’m working with the Royal Shakespeare Company”, no matter what the Muppets got up to around him. The contrast works.

3) Elf

Nobody besides Will Ferrell could have got away with this role, as a giant Elf who is obsessed with Christmas (and finding his Dad). It’s inspired many children to eat spaghetti with sugary syrup.

4) The Nightmare Before Christmas

There’s an argument about whether this is a Halloween or Christmas film. It can be watched for both, but the sheer amount of screen time dedicated to Santa, making toys and the mission to rescue the big day makes this firmly a festive film.

5) Die Hard

The ultimate “Is it a Christmas film?” argument goes to Die Hard. Yes, yes it it. It’s set on Christmas Eve. It features the line “Now I have a machine gun, ho-ho-ho” which qualifies. It’s an ideal choice if you’re sick of romance or OTT festivities.

6) The Snowman

Parents everywhere have this film to thank for helping children to sleep, with the famous theme song acting like a lullaby. True, the kids probably exact revenge later on when they massacre the tune on the recorder.

7) Gremlins

This horror comedy made everyone want Gizmo, but I doubt many of us could be trusted to follow the rules. Probably best not.

8) White Christmas

Another classic, this Irving Berlin movie was planned to reunite Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire again, but Astaire turned it down. Based on the now-famous White Christmas song from Holiday Inn over a decade earlier, the film went on to be a smash hit.

9) Love Actually

A feel-good rom-com could be just the ticket for 2020, even though some of the humour from this 2003 film hasn’t aged that well. It’s a fun one to switch your brain off to.

10) Home Alone

Many people feel that the McAllisters are massively irresponsible to keep losing their child as the sequels mounted up, but Home Alone still gets a lot of laughs. Wearing a ‘Merry Christmas, you filthy animals’ Christmas jumper while watching is optional.

Which is your favourite?

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