It’s been a tense few days for the US elections, with supporters on both sides claiming victory and watching through their fingers as the results slowly come in.

Many people have been flexing their comedy muscle on Twitter, TikTok and more, posting memes to try and make light of the situation.

Here are 10 of the best.

1) You can’t go wrong with some Britney.

2) 2016 vs 2020

3) Who misses the days when Instagram was just pictures of your dinner?

4) Can’t….stop….scrolling….

5) Every horror fan recognises this sound.


I’ve watched enough purge movies to prepare 😈 #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen #HolidayTikTok #RnBVibes #purge #thepurge #election #election2020 #fyp

♬ sonido original – Dallan

6) The stress is real.

7) Four years have felt like forty for some.

8)  Ringo Starr for President.

9) The differences between the UK and the US.

10) Why do we do it to ourselves?

You’ve got to laugh.

Images via Alamy