Baby Yoda toys can now be yours, and they may be the most important things ever made.

Given that I’m living in little old England, Disney+ is yet to make it to my phone, laptop or TV, which means that I definitely have not watched The Mandalorian.

There is no way whatsoever that I traversed the internet looking for links to watch the programme, and it absolutely hasn’t become my favourite show in a long long time. How could it? I haven’t seen it yet…


With that in mind and with me having no idea what a Baby Yoda is, I’m dangerously excited to see that you can now get a Baby Yoda toy.


Well, when I say “now”… you’ll see.


Basically, and probably until Disney+ is available everywhere, Disney have released no official Madalorian merch which is very unlike them, especially with Christmas just around the corner, but other places have.

So technically, the stuff you can get your hands on is not Disney certified, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of these purveyors received some sort of cease and desist, but they’re still adorable.


Where can I get a Baby Yoda toy?

Coming from one seller on Etsy in Russia is the Made-to-order Baby Yoda, and it’s pretty great…



You can choose whether you want your little chap to have fully black eyes, eyes facing to the side with small whites, or eyes facing forward with small whites.


The clothes are removable, just in case you want to dress your boy up and made from artificial fur and polymer clay on a wire frame, the doll stands at 22cm tall, meaning you could probably dress it in newborn baby clothes.

When can I get a Baby Yoda toy?



Well, you can order one now for the pretty eye-watering price of £178 (including delivery) – though I suppose there’s a tremendous amount of effort going into these, but as the seller explains on Etsy:

The time for creating baby Yoda will be 13-16 weeks, it will not be ready for Christmas 2019, it will be completed in at the end of February or in March 2020.

Quite a while then. Official merch will probably be out by then – other than this Disney shit that we’ve all chosen to ignore – but if you’re wondering, Melvon and Reine have over 30 other wonderful products that look just amazing…

There’s also a ton of official Disney stuff.







Images via Disney, Etsy